Spouse VISA Requirements in U

As the non-European civil partner or spouse or civil partner or unmarried partner of an individual who is a British citizen or an individual who has established status, subject to meeting substantial criteria for the appropriate visa under the Settlement Rules (including English language requirements, appropriateness, affiliation, and financial condition), an individual will be provided consent to reside in the United Kingdom. In case an individual continues to meet all the necessities, he/she can file in an application to stay to additional months. Post the laps of a 5-year period, an individual can file in an application for settlement in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, an individual may also be entitled to apply under the less severe 10-year route which oversees the English language and financial requirement, though an individual will be required to show intractable difficulties in their family life with partner or spouse continuing overseas. In case an individual does not fulfil the criteria of Spouse Visa requirements for any of the above mentioned routes, he/she may be granted consent to stay in the UK on the basis of his/her private life, depending on the proof that an individual has resided uninterruptedly in the United Kingdom for a specific time period. In order to file in an application for 10-year settlement route or private life, an individual can only make the applications from within the United Kingdom. A person should also ensure that his/her VISA renewal process is in place for future purposes.

Spouse Visa Requirements

It must be noted that, if an individual receives a letter stating that their Spouse Visa was rejected or refused, he/she will be required to act swiftly in order to file an application for another visa or to appeal the decision. Prolonging stay in the UK on an expired Spouse Visa can be very tricky and should be avoided. However, if the Visa is approved and once an individual starts to reside in the UK with his/her partner or spouse, they can make their position permanent by gaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) from a Spouse Visa. ILR permits can individual to reside in the UK forever without being tangled to visa regulations. You can also get entrepreneur VISA. However, if you are having trouble in getting VISA, then it is always advisable to take help help from the experts who can get entrepreneur VISA for you. If you are an investor, you can apply for tier 1 investor VISA.

Online applications can be forwarded at:
E-mail: visa@we-are-digital.co.uk
Text message: Type ‘VISA’ and send to 07537 416 944.
Phone number or helpline number: 03333 445 675; this facility is available Monday to Friday from 9AM until 5PM.

Overview for Applying Couple Visa Requirement in UK

In order to apply as a couple, both the individuals must be of age 18 or above and the partner must be either of the following:

Also, both the partners must be set to stay together forever in the UK after the application is filed. The couple should be able to prove either of the following statements:

  • If the couple are married or in a civil partnership that is acknowledged in the UK. They can also apply for marriage allowance.
  • The couple have been staying together for a minimum of 2 years prior to when the application is filed.
  • If the person is a fiancée or anticipated civil partner and will go in a civil-partnership or get married in the UK inside 6 months of reaching the country.
Spouse VIsa

Additionally, it is imperative for the partner to prove that they can financially support themselves and their dependents and have an excellent understanding of English. Once approved, they also need to check whether they are supposed to pay income tax, national insurance and whether they have any personal allowances However, if an individual doesn’t meet these requirements he/she can still be eligible for applying for a visa or lengthen the consent to stay if:

  • They have a child who is born in the UK and is a British national or has stayed in the United Kingdom for a minimum period of 7 years and it would be difficult for the couple to leave the United Kingdom.
  • The circumstances for the couple become very difficult in case they decide to stay together as a duo outside of the United Kingdom and these circumstances could not be avoided as such.
  • The movement breaches an individual’s human rights to discontinue them from coming to the United Kingdom or make the couple leave.

If individuals are filing in an application as a proposed civil partner or fiancée, they will be required to prove their plan to become civil partners within 6 months post reaching the UK or validating that any prior civil partnership or marriages has ended. Individuals will get consent to live for 6 months or 2.5 years if they are filing in an application as a proposed civil partner or fiancée. Post the laps of this time period, they will be required to apply for an extension of stay in the UK. Also if both the couple have a company, they can also take advantage of the tax systems in UK and split their company shares with their spouse.

How to Apply for Spouse VISA in UK

  • Form FLR (M): Filing in an application to prolong staying in the United Kingdom as a dependent child or partner. This form is used to prolong the existing stay and to receive a biometric residence permit. FLR (M) is basically application for the following:
    • Dependent child of an individual or a partner who is staying in the United Kingdom and is settled.
    • Dependent child of a person or the partner of a person who has consent to reside in the United Kingdom under humanitarian protection or as a person in exile (refugee).
    • Reliant child of an individual who has applied or is filing an application to enter into a partnership or continue to be a partner of a person residing in the United Kingdom.
  • Form FLR (FP): This form is used in order to apply for extension of stay in the United Kingdom. FLR (FP) enables an individual to stay in the United Kingdom on the basis of their family life as a dependent child, parent or partner of an individual or based on an individual’s private life in the United Kingdom. Also, this form can be used if an individual is already residing in the United Kingdom and wish to prolong his/her stay on the basis of their private life or family, and to receive a biometric residence permit. This form is for:

    • Family life through a partnership (this is a 10 year route).
    • Family life through parent-hood (this has two options: 5 year and 10 year routes).
    • Reliant child of an individual who is filing in an application or has filed an application to enter the United Kingdom or remain in the United Kingdom other than UK Ancestry or below the points based system (10 year route).
    • Individual opting for private life in the United Kingdom (10 year route).
    • Leave outside the purview of rules under private life or family.

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