QuickFile is a quick bookkeeping and accounting package that includes unique features, making bookkeeping seem less discouraging. QuickFile is free for the basic package, enabling small-businesses and freelancers / contractors in the UK save money. We at DNS Accountants our qualified accountants (ACAs and CAs) and our team is always ready to take care of the accounting and taxation needs for our clients in the UK. If businesses currently use, or are planning to use QuickFile to process their day-to-day accounting we are always ready to help. At the year-end, when small-businesses in the UK prepare themselves for year-end accounts and tax returns preparation, DNS Accountants will just log-in to their QuickFile portal and extract the relevant information we require to help businesses meet their filing deadlines.

QuickFile was designed from the beginning as accounting software for non-accountants. Users don't have to spend hours learning how to bring into play QuickFile’. They just need to login and view all the key figures of the business. For a business looking to expand, QuickFile can provide business with features that can be modified as per the requirements of the growing business. The company is based in Kensington, London, UK

QuickFile Accounting Software for Accountants

QuickFile pricing






Extra Small




Extra Large

Number of ledger entries

Up to 200

201 - 500

501 - 1000

1001 - 4000

4001 or more



£45 + VAT (per year)

Professional Invoicing

Fully Branded Client Area

Purchase/Receipt Management

Banking Automation


Full Multi-Currency Support


Over 400 Integrations




No Adverts




Advanced Customisation




Segmented Profit & Loss




Custom Trading Styles




Invoice Revision History




Sent Email Log




Enhanced bulk invoice entry




Keyboard Shortcuts




All plans include 2-Factor authentication; automated backups; API access; free unlimited users; free 1 GB file storage; no setup fees or contracts; no software to install; regular free updates and year-end tools

Key Features

QuickFile software is very different from the usual online accounting applications. It is highly insightful software with no jargons and provides simple bookkeeping options for the non-accountant. The software is continuously updated giving users the best tools to manage their accounts

QuickFile security

  • 2 factor authentication with Google Authenticator
  • 24 hour offsite backups of data – 15 minute full backup, minimising risk of data loss
  • Configure multiple users with restricted access levels
  • Highest level 256bit SSL Security similar to that used in the banking industry
  • Optional weekly backups by email

QuickFile invoicing

  • Attach files to invoices
  • Automated overdue reminders by email
  • Design the style, layout, colours and images that will appear on invoices
  • Create and email account statements to clients; attach statements to a recurring schedule
  • Create estimates and allow the client to accept/decline
  • Create one-off invoices
  • CSS Designer for advanced invoice editing
  • Custom branded administration and client area
  • Full multi-currency support – invoice in over 100 currencies
  • Full reporting enables businesses to view their financial position at any given time
  • Fully integrated with GoCardless for one-off and repeat Direct Debit collection
  • Inline invoice comments
  • Invoice for time related services
  • Invoice revision history, track changes to invoices and estimates
  • Link the client area into the payment portal for faster online payments
  • Manage 1000s of inventory items
  • Multilingual support – invoices in different languages
  • Process full and partial refunds
  • Send invoices by email with full customisation over the wording
  • Send invoices by post
  • Setup a recurring invoice profile to auto-send invoices according to the business schedule
  • Tag invoices as paid directly from the bank

QuickFile for Value added tax (VAT)

  • Cash and Accrual based VAT accounting
  • Full support for VAT exemption
  • Full support for Flat Rate VAT accounting
  • Online integration with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) permitting VAT returns to be prepared and sent electronically

QuickFile for purchasing

  • Add new supplier records on the move
  • Create, convert, and track purchase orders
  • Expense in foreign currencies
  • Log purchases with multiple items and categorisation
  • Obtain instant categorisation help on 1000s of items
  • Process full and partial credit notes
  • Record payments in-line with your purchase
  • Setup recurring purchase profiles to be created, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Tag purchases as paid directly from the bank
  • Upload digitised receipts to your purchase records from the website or with QuickFile’s iPhone App

QuickFile for banking

  • Automated bank feeds with Barclays and PayPal
  • Bank statement matching tools to easily reconcile with paper statement
  • Bank feeds from Barclays Bank, HSBC, NatWest, Santander, Lloyds, PayPal, and RBS
  • Chrome browser extension to stream bank data directly into QuickFile
  • Drill down on bank transactions to retrieve invoice and purchase documents
  • Full multi-currency support with live exchange rates
  • Individual and bulk tagging system for rapid categorisation and sales and purchase generation
  • Upload bank data from your online banking application in CSV format
  • Intelligent search allows you to pull up similar transactions
  • Dashboard view of your most frequently used accounts
  • Support for up to 50 bank accounts
  • QuickFile for reporting

    • Advanced segmented profit and loss reports by monthly, quarterly or yearly periods
    • Basic Balance Sheet report
    • Basic Profit and Loss report
    • Create customer reports and display data in graph and tabular format
    • Debtor and Creditor ageing reports
    • Export data view to CSV throughout many areas of QuickFile
    • Full access to chart of accounts and nominal ledgers
    • Full project level reporting
    • Historical debtor and creditor reports

    Additionally, the company introduce support for importing foreign currency purchases and sales invoices from a CSV spreadsheet. Two columns are added:

    • Currency – A 3 character ISO code (e.g. USD, EUR, CHF etc.) for the currency the businesses in the UK will prefer to use for computation
    • Exchange Rate – In order to compute the values in different currencies, clients can either input an exchange rate or the application will automatically source the rate from xe.com based on the date of the invoice

    QuickFile review and rating

    According to a recent review conducted, QuickFile received an overall rating of 2.9 out of 4. According to a user, "QuickFile for basic bookkeeping is excellent. It is pretty quick and simple. VAT returns are a doddle and the interface is easy"

    DNS Accountants – QuickFile accountants

    DNS Accountants are QuickFile accountants in and around the UK. To assist accountants, work more economically with their clients online, we provide them with training on QuickFile and help them understand all the tools and benefits that can be realised using QuickFile accounting software.

    For any QuickFile related query, clients can contact us at www.dnsassociates.co.uk or get in touch with us on our social media network –Twitter,Facebook, and LinkedIn

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