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UK Property tax can be a little complex to understand for property dealers, developers and buy-to-let investors. There could be countless things like capital gain tax (CGT), tax minimising strategies, and stamp duty land tax that an ordinary person can't understand rather than an accountant.

dns accountants as a property tax expert in Croydon can help you by offering dedicated expert certified accountants to support you and your business. If you want to switch from your current accountant, we can also help you to make your process smooth.


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If you receive income from renting a property in Croydon, you might be subject to paying tax. Also, you have to declare your income and gains every year to HMRC, where rent is also considered a gain. Having clarity about property taxes helps you to maintain your property portfolio well. Hiring an accountant would be better than getting stuck in UK property tax.

Our certified property tax accountants will help you with the preparation of rental accounts and tax returns. Our services are designed specifically for UK landlords or individual property owners. dns can help you to become aware of the areas where you can save taxes and make your business more tax efficient.


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Our services for Croydon landlords

Our specialist property tax accountants in Croydon offer a full range of services for all your accountancy, tax, and landlord needs.

  • Bookkeeping.
  • Limited company accounts.
  • Self-assessment & income tax advice.
  • Property related tax advice.
  • Tax efficient structuring.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Online accounting.
  • Non-UK resident advice.

We have a range of specialist landlord accounting packages for you to choose from. Find out more about property tax accountants


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Frequently asked questions for property tax accountants in Croydon

If you are involved in buying, selling, renting out, investing in or maintaining property in the UK, you’ll need to be aware of many tax rules, legislation and regulations and taxes that will affect you and your business. A specialist property tax adviser will understand how different taxes interact and will be able to give you the best property tax advice possible as they will be up to date on all the latest rules and regulations. Here at dns accountants, we have specialist property accountants and property tax advisers within our team and our company is headed by Sumit Agarwal who himself is a renowned and respected property investor and developer.

Dealing with HMRC can be difficult and with so many taxes to consider, working out how much tax you need to pay and when is complex. Our specialist tax advisors will be able to tell you exactly how much tax you will need to pay, whether it's income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax, corporation tax, capital allowances or national insurance. We will be there to help you to avoid penalties, save tax and pay the right amount of tax.

It is important as a landlord that you declare rental income to HMRC. Failure to do so can lead to hefty penalties. Read our blog about undeclared rental income here.

Whilst there may not be a way to avoid Capital Gains Tax on buy to let property sales, there are certainly ways to reduce your Capital Gains Tax liability using the CGT tax free allowance, reliefs and deducting expenses such as property improvement costs. Find out more here.

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