PayPal Freephone Customer Service – How to Contact PayPal in UK

Contact PayPal for Free at 0800 358 7911

The PayPal contact number in United Kingdom is 0870 042 0845. You can call the PayPal UK customer service by dialing the number 0870 042 0845 OR you can also contact their dedicated freephone number 0800 358 7911.

Paypal Department Contact Number Call Charges (per minute)
UK customer service 0870 042 0845 50p
freephone number 0800 358 7911 Free
International Helpline +353 1 436 9004 Varies from country to country
Business Customer Service 0800 358 7929 Free
PayPal Payments 0800 368 7177 Free
Other number 0843 506 0366 Around 25p

PayPal Contact Number UK– 0800 358 7911

You can also connect with PayPal customer service executive by calling their dedicated contact number or via their freephone number of helpline. All the UK phones will call this number free of cost. This is the very important number of common enquiries and can be used by many of the PayPal customers for resolving their queries.

Most of these queries are like resolving issues with receiving or sending payments, depositing or withdrawing money into the account of PayPal, tools for sellers of PayPal, help with the passwords and usernames, and issues with the PayPal account.

You need to call the phone number 0800 358 7911 if you wish to register a complaint against this company. The helpline number or the team of general inquiries with offer you the right solution to your issue or assist you via the complaints procedure of the PayPal. You can make use of the official email system of the PayPal to make a complaint.

If you want to register your complaint, then visit the website mentioned below. If you are filing a claim or opening a dispute against a seller of the PayPal, take an example if you have received a defective or broken item or they do not send your item, then you require to visit the resolution centre of the PayPal. The link is given below:

The customer service number 0800 358 7911 of the PayPal is accessible between 8am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am-9pm Saturday and 9am-9pm on the Sunday. From all the UK phones, all the 0800 numbers calls are free of cost.

Dial Phone Number +353 1 436 9004 to call PayPal from abroad

You can call customer services of PayPal from abroad by dialing their international phone number +353 1 436 9004. When you contact this number, it will connect you to the customer care executive of the PayPal who will assist you with your payment or account related problems.

Also make a note that if you call this phone number, it will cost you more than compared to those phone calls which are made via the landlines number of United Kingdom to United Kingdom and the call charges are depend upon from which country you are making the call.

From payphones and the mobiles, all calls made to the helpline number +353 1 436 9004 costs more than a call of the similar duration made via a landline phone.

List of important contact numbers of the PayPal

PayPal International Helpline Number +353 1 436 9004
General Complaints & Enquiries phone number 0800 358 7911
PayPal Email ID
The postal address of PayPal in Europe
  • PayPal Europe
  • PO Box 9473,
  • Dublin 15,
  • Ireland

Alternative Contact Options of the PayPal Customer Service

By Contacting PayPal online

PayPal offers an excellent email and online help system on their official website. This is naturally expected by its customers from a popular company which deals in internet payments. If you want to use this feature, you require to visit their official website

Contact PayPal Online

If you receive a fake or spam email from the PayPal then you require to send this email to to connect with the official fraud centre of the PayPal.

Contact PayPal via Writing

PayPal advises its customers to either use their trusted email service or their general helpline enquiries phone number to get a resolution for their queries. If you require to send a cheque to the PayPal to receive your balance or if you want to write to PayPal, then you require to use their postal official address.

  • PayPal Europe,
  • PO Box 9473,
  • Dublin 15,
  • Ireland.

Free UK PayPal Contact Number

The excellent services and products offered by PayPal has plays an important role in assisting them in retaining and attaining a leading position in the world. PayPal is an electronic gateway of payment which is used frequently across the world for the sale of digital content, travel products and web design, household items, and the sale of the electronic products.

Offline business owners such as contractors, doctors and lawyers also used PayPal for electronic processing of their payments. These professionals have initiate the process of getting online payments via the PayPal because this service can by used via your smartphones, computers and tablets.

From any place in the world, you can made payment at your convenient time and this will make PayPal the best method of payment for the customers across the world. The main objective of the customer service team of the PayPal is to offer you the excellent services and their intention is to continuously making better their services to maintain a leading position in the world market. You can contact the customer support team of the PayPal at 0800 358 7911 . You can contact them for perfect resolution of all of your problems and doubts.

PayPal Business Customer Service phone number in UK is 0800 358 7929. To contact the PayPal Payments Pro team, you can call the number 0800 368 7177 .

PayPal Customer Care Contact Number

PayPal has appointed and recruit the excellent staff in order to satisfy the wants and requirements of all of its customers. For improving its service, it also asks regular feedback from its customers. If you have any issue with your PayPal account or service, then you need to login to your account of the PayPal and discover the necessary contact information for contacting the team of the customer service of PayPal.

The intention of the customer service team of the PayPal is to offer excellent services to each customer and gives the essential information to the seekers of the information. if you are a customer of PayPal or want to use their products or services then contact the customer service contact number of the PayPal 0800 358 7911 and remember that calls made to this number are totally free.

If you have any type or kind of general query related to the services of the PayPal and you want to get details related to the same, you can call customer service representatives of the PayPal and remember that you can contact their customer service team from 8 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday which signifies that the common information is provided by the team all the days in a week.

If you want to discuss any kind of problem or concern relating to the claims, then the opening hours of the PayPal is from 8 am to 8:30 pm, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6:30 pm on each Saturday and from 9am to 6:30 pm, each Sunday. You can connect with the team members of the PayPal to receive the essential details relating to the claims.

If you are calling from any other country then you require to call the customer service number of the PayPal + 35314369004 for which you require to pay the international charges for the call made. Remember that those calls which are made from a UK landline number are totally free but if you are calling via your cell phone then you require to verify the charges from the operator of your network.

Community Assistance of PayPal

PayPal offers extra help to its customers in the form of assistance from community of the PayPal. The community assistance forum of the PayPal will help you with your issues and queries in a highly professional manner. The complete details to get help from the community assistance team of the PayPal is accessible on the community assistance link of the PayPal.

When you visit the link of this page, you will discover various topics of queries along with their resolutions. If you want to chat with any of the community moderators of the PayPal then you require to click on the community assistance link and receive the excellent help from them.

You require to remember that the chat is accessible on each Wednesday between 4 am to 6 pm. Therefore, it is better for you if you connect and chat on each Wednesday for the excellent experience of their services. If you want to receive the help from the resolution center of the PayPal then you require to click on the online link of the PayPal, input the information of your login and take an initiative for better assistance. If you don’t have an Id for the login, then you will discover the signup alternative for making an email id along with the password to receive further assistance.

FAQ’s Related to PayPal

The easiest and the fastest method to receive instant resolutions to your problems is via the FAQs of the PayPal service being provided by their online team. You require to click on the FAQs link of the PayPal and you will be redirected towards a page where you will discover a list of the generally asked questions and the instance when you choose the question for which you require assistance, the answer will be given to you.

On the left side the questions are shown on the page, and on the right, you will discover various topics.The instance you choose a topic, a query list will display, from which you can choose the kind of query you want to answer.

Most of the time you will discover all the necessary details online but if you don’t find your query or question, or if you are not fully satisfied with the available online answers, then you require to deploy the other communication modes with the customer service team of the PayPal.

The PayPal customer service team feels delighted to resolve all of your queries and offers you all the necessary details you required.

Complaints Team of PayPal

The main intention of the PayPal is to offer excellent services to all of its customers. But sometimes, services are not delivered properly to the customers. If you are not happy with the quality of the services provided by the customer service team of the PayPal, or if you want to register a complaint then the customer complaints team of the PayPal is there to help you and provides a satisfactory resolution to your queries.

The complete steps are accessible on the complaints procedure online link of the PayPal. When you click on this link, then it will redirect you to a page where you will see the complete steps which you require to follow along with the contact numbers, which can be used along with the option of continue.

When you click quickly on the option of Continue, then it opens a page in which you have to input the essential information asked by it and you require to click on the “Send” icon. You need to ensure that you input the right information as it will make easier for the complaints team of the PayPal to resolve your queries or issues as quickly as possible.

Business Customer Service PayPal UK

If you are the owner of a business account or if you are interested to become the owner of a business account, then this will be a three steps process. For this, you require to contact the business customer support team of the PayPal UK.

All the steps are fully accessible in the business contact online link of the Paytm. When you click on the link, the first step is to choose if you are an owner of the business account of the PayPal or not.

If you are the owner of the business account of the PayPal, then you require to choose the “Yes” option to contact the customer support team of the PayPal. The second step is to select the kind of query from the two queries listed on page. You require to choose any one query and you require to login into PayPal account in third step.

If you are not the owner of the business account of the PayPal, then you require to select the option “No”. When you select the “No” option, you will be redirected to a new page in which you require to input your right information. For the further help, the customer service team of the PayPal will call you.

If you want to connect directly with the business customer support team of the PayPal then you require to call the business contact phone number 0800 358 7929 of the PayPal. The PayPal customer support team will guide you properly in the right direction and feels happiness in helping you.

If you want to select the payment Pro services of the PayPal in which the buyers can checkout directly on your website, and the services are also customized, then you require to call the business customer support team of the PayPal by calling the phone number 0800 368 7177.

Contact Paypal Via Twitter, Facebook and various Social media apps

PayPal is an excellent and faster mode of receiving and sending the online payments. If an individual or a business has an email Id then PayPal permits them to cost-efficiently, conveniently and safely receive and send the payments online. The large network of PayPal UK is based upon excellent financial infrastructure of the bank accounts and the credit cards in order to make a real-time and global solution of the payments.

The products build by the PayPal is good for the individuals, online merchants, and the small businesses.

Website of PayPal

if you want to login toyour account of PayPal

Sign Up for PayPal

you can also download the PayPal app from the Google Play store for the Android smartphones and from Apple app store as well for the iPhone.

PayPal UK Facebook link

PayPal UK Twitter link

PayPal UK YouTube link

PayPal UK Instagram link

PayPal UK Security link

PayPal UK Blog link

Speak directly to the support helpline of PayPal

To get in touch directly with the support helpline of the PayPal UK, you require to dial the phone number 0843 506 0366 and connect with the PayPal. This way you can ignore the boring waiting and long queues in the procedure. If you need any kind of customer support then immediately make a phone call to this number.

Between Monday to Friday you can call PayPal between 8 am to 10 pm. PayPal is also open between 8am to 9 pm on Sundays. But you need to remember that if your phone call is related to any type of claims then the phone lines normally close on 8:30 pm on Monday to Friday and 6:30 pm during Saturday and Sunday. You need to ensure that you are contacting the phone number 0843 506 0366.

Why you need to contact PayPal?

PayPal is a website which offers a secure payment gateway to you. Your bank accounts are also linked with the Paytm, therefore if you have any kind of issue related to your PayPal account, then you need to get in touch with PayPal immediately.

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