Pass Plus course is an advanced driving training courses that include practical training and it requires minimum 6 hours to finish. This Pass Plus course is specially designed for the drivers for safe driving and improving their driving skills after they have registered their car. You can join the Pass Plus course at any time. For the new drivers, this course is extremely useful and they can join the Pass Plus scheme to improve their overall knowledge relating to the driving.

The main objective of the Pass Plus course is to provide important knowledge to the drivers who passed recently the test of the practical driving. This course helps drivers to learn latest techniques and skills, and also learn decreasing the accidents.

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You can learn this course from a registered Pass Plus approved instructor of driving. If you finish this course successfully, then this course also assists you to receive discount on the car insurance.

Pass Plus cost

The fees of Pass Plus depends up on various factors like how long the duration of the training is, the driving school or instructor and where you live. Generally, the cost would be around £150, £155, £165. If you are getting it in London or Birmingham, the cost would be from £180 to £200.

Pass Plus Fees

Few local councils can provide discounts on the entire training costs of the Pass Plus. You can get in touch with your county council, city, town or borough to view if they can offer some help to you regarding the training cost. To entitled for the discount, you need to be live in area of the council.

Pass Plus Contact Number

North-west, Cumbria

Telephone: 01228 221751

Rutland County Council

Telephone: 01572 722 577

East Midlands

Lincolnshire County Council

Telephone: 01522 805 800


Wiltshire County Council



Hampshire County Council

Telephone: 01962 846 100

West Midlands

Staffordshire County Council

Telephone: 0300 111 8012

Fife Council

Telephone: 0345 155 5555 extension 402057

Inverclyde Council

Telephone: 01475 717 171

South Lanarkshire Council

Telephone: 01698 453 617


Argyll and Bute Council

Telephone: 01546 604 182

In the Wales, local councils provide discount on the Pass Plus courses.

Many people start learning the skill of driving when they reach 17.

How the training of Pass Plus course works?

The Pass Plus course is consists of 6 modules and these six modules covers driving on:

  • Motorways
  • Dual carriageways
  • At Night
  • Rural roads
  • All weathers
  • In town

These six modules are sessions of practical. Some modules are also based on the theory. During the six hours of six modules of this course, you can spend minimum 5 hours and thirty minutes for driving. You do not require to appear for a test, but your performance is assessed for the entire course. To pass this course, you have to get the needed standard in every module.

After the end of the Pass Plus course, there is no any examination. A certificate is given to all the participants of this course, if the instructor satisfies with the performance of the candidates in the Pass Plus course. Few aspects of Pass Plus course are covered only in theory such as driving in night and the conditions of the weather.

DVSA Pass Plus team

For complete information, you can contact DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)

DVSA Pass Plus team

Telephone: 0115 936 6504
Timings: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

You need to apply for personal certificate of Pass Plus if you want a certificate. You require the certificate if you wish to receive discount on the insurance of the car.

You will receive the report of training from the instructor when you get the needed standard in every module. Your instructor and you need to sign the form. You require to send this signed form to the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). You will get the certificate via post.

DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)

  • Pass Plus
  • DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)
  • Axis Building
  • 112 Upper Parliament Street
  • Nottingham
  • NG1 6LP

Discounts on Car Insurance

After finishing the Pass Plus, you can get the discount on car insurance. For this you require your certificate of Pass Plus. You need to get in touch with the insurers for getting the discount if you have pass your test of practical driving before a year.

The discount amount is depending up on the company of insurance. Every insurer does not offer discounts on Pass Plus. You can hold the discount for more than two years, if you do not own a car. For this you need to talk to the insurance company.

How to book Pass Plus Course?

You require to book Pass Plus with a registered Pass Plus ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). You can get in touch with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to confirm if the instructor is Pass Plus registered or not. You also require the ADI number and the name of the instructor.

You can contact:

DVSA Pass Plus team


Telephone: 0115 936 6504

Timings: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

Legal responsibilities of riders and drivers

You require to do lot of things before you ride a motorcycle or drive a car. These comprises of getting a MOT, taxing and insuring your vehicle, registering, and getting a driving license.

Before riding or driving you need to:

  • Learn driving
  • Meet the rules of minimum eyesight
  • Attain the minimum age of riding or driving
  • Possess a valid license of driving

You need to:

  • Show L plates (D plates or L plates in Wales)
  • Be under the supervision of an expert driver

Requirements of Vehicle for Pass Plus Scheme

  • The vehicle requires to be registered with Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.
  • The tax details of vehicle are up to date.
  • The vehicle is in good condition.
  • The vehicle has a present certificate of MOT.
  • You also need to hire the services of a third party for the insurance of your vehicle.

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Modifications to vehicle or personal information:

You need to contact Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if you:

  • Modify your address or name
  • Make some changes to your vehicle
  • Want to sell your vehicle
  • Develop or have a medical complication

Driving buses or larger vehicles

  • The standards of eyesight and medical are very high for driving the buses or larger vehicles.
  • You need to contact Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if you have any convictions relating to the driving.
  • If you want to apply for a PCV (Passenger carrying vehicle) license, then you need to inform Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency for having some other convictions.

Displaying the documents of driving

  • If a police officer contacts you, then you need to display:
  • A legal and valid certificate of MOT (if your vehicle requires that).
  • A valid certificate of insurance.
  • A valid license of driving.
  • At that time, if you do not possess the documents, then within seven days, the police officer will ask you to submit them to a police station.

Rules of driving eyesight

  • You need to wear contact lenses or glasses each time you drive if you require them to comply with the standards of vision during the driving.
  • You require to inform Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if you face any issue with your eyesight which have an impact on your eyes, or if you have only one eye, then the remaining eye.
  • Please note that color blind, or long sighted or being short eyes does not include. You do not need to provide information regarding if a surgery is performed on your both eyes to treat short sightedness and if it will meet the standards of the eyesight.
  • You need to confirm if you require to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency regarding your eyesight issue by finding all the medical complications which effect your driving.
  • You can be fined or prosecuted if you driving the vehicle with out satisfying the vision standards for your driving.

Vision standards for the driving

  • You require to read (with contact lenses or glasses, if essential) the number plate of car from twenty meters which is manufacture after September 1, 2001.
  • You also able to meet the minimum standard for the eyesight for driving by having 0.5 visual acuity or 6/12. It will be measures on the scale of Snellen (with contact lenses or glasses, if essential) using if you have vision in only one eye or both the two eyes.
  • You need to have good vision. Your optician will provide you complete information regarding this after testing your eyes.

Bus & Lorry Driver

  • The bus and the lorry drivers need to have minimum 0.8 visual acuity measured on the scale of Snellen in both of their eyes and minimum visual acuity of 0.1 in the other eye on the scale of Snellen.
  • You can attain this standard by wearing contact lenses or glasses with +8 dioptres as corrective power. There is no any limit set for the contact lenses corrective power.
  • The bus and lorry drivers need to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if they have any issue with their eyesight, which also affects both of their eyes. You can renew your bus or lorry license if you do not comply with these standards.

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