Who is Martin Lewis?

Martin Steven Lewis, born on 9th May 1972 in Manchester, is an English journalist, television presenter and author. He shot to fame with his website MoneySavingExpert.com, which was originally designed for a cost of just £100 in the year February 2003 and it was year 2012 when the website had attracted 13 million monthly users. He then sold the website to the Moneysupermarket.com group for up to £87m, while he continued holding the post of Editor-in-Chief. As of a market survey in the year 2016, MoneySavingExpert website was ranked the biggest consumer and personal finance site in UK with about 15 million users every month and approx 10 million subscription for the free Martin’s Money Tips weekly email.

About Martin Lewis

Apart from MoneySavingExpert, he also has a fortnightly column in The Sunday Post and a monthly regional syndicated column in the Manchester Evening News and the Express and Stars amongst others. All his columns are on the theme of saving money and in the past he had been writing for The Sunday Times, News of the World, The Guardian and the Sunday Express. He is the author of two best-selling books; The Money Diet and The Three Most Important Lessons You’ve Never Been Taught.

In the year 2016, Martin founded and funded a new charity, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute to research, lobby and innovate policies in order to break the toxic relationship between mental health issues and debt. He is often credited as the “big gob in chief” behind campaigns such as bank charges, PPI and council tax.


MoneySavingExpert.com is a British consumer finance information and discussion website which was founded by financial journalist Martin Lewis in the year 2003. It was put in to place with the aim to help people with journalistic articles and information on how to save money. He then sold it to the Supermarket group for £87million.

MoneySavingExpert.com Website

As of today, the website has more than 13 million unique users on monthly basis and it claims to have an ethical and unbiased stance in all its research and money saving articles. Moreover, MoneySavingExpert website does not have any advertisements for external content and has affiliate links to the merchants, for which it receives a commission in case a purchase is made through it.

The decision and choice of which content to advertise is based on which will generate most money , however that isn’t the only criterion for putting an article on the website. A part of the income generated from the website is donated to the charity from which two third is donated to the MoneySavingExpert charity and rest of it is donated to five other nominated charities. MoneySavingExpert is wholly owned by the Moneysupermarket.com group, however it is entirely editorially independent and its stance of putting consumers first is protected and enshrined in the legally-binding MSE editorial code and it generated revenue of £16m and profits of £12.6m.

Sections on MoneySavingExpert.com

Major sections on the website and their subsections are as below:

  1. 1. Insurance
    • Cheap Car Insurance
    • Cheap Home Insurance
    • Cheap Travel Insurance
    • Cheap Pet Insurance
    • Young Driver Car Insurance
  2. 2. Cards and Loans
    • Best Balance Transfers
    • 0% Credit Cards
    • Credit Card Eligibility Calculator
    • Cheap Loans
    • Loans Eligibility Calculator
  3. 3. Utilities and Phones
    • Cheap Gas and Electricity
    • Cheap Energy Club
    • Home Phones
    • Cheap Broadband
    • Cheapest iPhones
  4. 4. Banking and Saving
    • Best Bank Accounts
    • Top Savings Accounts
    • Top Cash ISAs
    • Are Your Savings Safe?
    • Transfer Cash ISAs
  5. 5. Mortgages
    • Free First-Time Mortgage Guide
    • Free Remortgage Guide
    • Mortgage Best Buys
    • Free House Price Valuations
    • Ultimate Mortgage Calculator
  6. 6. Travel and Motoring
    • Cheap Flights
    • Cheap Travel Money
    • Cheap Petrol and Diesel
    • Travel Insurance
    • Cheap Breakdown Cover
  7. 7. Reclaim £1000S
    • PPI Re-Claiming
    • Bank Charges
    • Council Tax Rebanding
    • Unfair Parking Tickets
    • Credit Card Charges
  8. 8. Income and Family
    • Student Loans 2015
    • Tax Credits
    • Benefits Check Up
    • Boost Your Income
    • Mental Health and Debt

Tools and Calculators on MoneySavingExpert.com to Slash Your Bill:

There are various tools and calculators available on MoneySavingExpert to help the visitors in slashing their bills and taking wise decision with their savings, such as:

  1. 1. Credit Card & Loans:

    • Credit Card Eligibility Calculator – Which shows which top cards you are most likely to get as per your eligibility and how to protect your credit score.
    • Loans Eligibility Calculator- which shows which loans you are most likely to get and ways to secure and protect your credit score.
    • Minimum Repayments Calculator- which shows in how much time do you need to repay your credit card bill in case you continue paying minimum credit card payments.
    • Credit Club- It gives you an insight on how to boost your credit chances.
    • Student Loans Calculator- In case you are a student and have applied for a student loan, this tool will help you to understand what you will really repay for tuition fees and maintenance.
    • The Tart Alert- it basically reminds you by text or an email when a particular deal ends.
  2. 2. Utilities-Energy, Phones and Mobiles:

    • Cheap Energy Club: With the help of MoneySavingExpert, you can help saving on your energy bill. It helps you in knowing when to switch on the energy and when not to. It is completely free to sign up for the same and by using this tool, you can end up saving at least £300 year after year.
    • Broadband Unbundled: Depending on your postal code, the website can help you in finding cheapest broadband service providers and the ranking on the website is based on the monthly costs including incentive values, i.e. cash back and vouchers.
    • Mobile Valuer: In case you are planning to sell off your old mobile, MoneySavingExpert website helps you in deciding on the company which will give you maximum money for your old phone.
  3. 3. Bankings and Savings

    • The Savings Calculator: This tool will help you in determining how much you should save based on your monthly income for you to reach your goal in shortest period of time and also to calculate how much you can expect to earn on your savings.
    • Are Your Savings Safe? You are saving on a monthly basis which is great but are your savings are safe? Using this tool you can understand which banks share their saving protection and in case your bank has been taken over, protection of your savings depends on the date you have opened your savings account. MoneySavingExpert website lists down all the relevant articles on the same for your better understanding.
    • Premium Bond Probability Calculator: This tool helps in determining your chances to win and each month it runs for six hours, in order to calculate the new odds.
    • Packaged Bank Account Analyser: Who doesn’t like freebies? Everyone likes them and packaged bank accounts usually have a monthly fees, though are jam packed with the perks, offer a great value on your money and this tool can help you analyze the best deals.
  4. 4. Shopping and Deals:

    Shopping Deals - MoneySavingExpert
    • Local eBay Deals Mapper: Based on your postal code, this tool helps you in locating nearby gems in terms of best deals.
    • Cheap Wine Finder: You need to tell MoneySavingExpert regarding your preference i.e. if you like red, white or champagne, for it to assist you in finding big and cheap wine discounts on wine deals.
    • Outlet Discount Finder: This is like a dream come true tool which lists down all the bargains which are available online from major UK Brands and designers such as Ann Summers eBay Outlet, Hobbs Outlet, M&S Outlet Stores etc.
    • Photo Print Finder: You can use this tool to compare free and cheap photo print deals.
    • The Demotivator: The Demotivator is a fun tool which basically helps you to control your urge of spending when you do not need a particular item.
    • Amazon Discount Finder: At times, most of the deals are hidden and thus are difficult to locate. With the help of this particular tool, you can find at least 75%-off deals and much more.
    • MegaShopBot: Shopbot is basically a nickname for Shopping Robots, which are special website that harness the web to find the cheapest prices for goods online and with the help of this tool, you, can locate the cheapest shopbot for you based on the category you have selected.
    • Downshift Challenge Calculator: This tool determines and calculates how much you can save if you downshift your brand by a level i.e. it lists down all the major supermarkets and brands available along with how much you spend on your weekly/monthly groceries shopping and then downshift your choice of brands by one level, thus giving you an idea of how much saving you can do by opting for other brands.
    • Rewards Point Calculator: Depending on how much you spend on which credit card, this tool calculates your rewards on your expenditure.
    • Free Complaints Tool: If things are going good, everything is good but in case you have to file a complaint against a particular company or one of its products you don’t know which door to knock for a fast hearing and solution for your problem. Free Complaints tool makes your job easy by helping you in drafting a letter, sending it to the concerned party, monitor the reply, if it happens, else it escalates it to an Ombudsman or key complaint body in case if it is not sorted.
  5. 5. Income Tax and Benefits:

    • The Budget Planner: This tool analyses your finances and informs you in case you are overpaying and thus helps you in planning your budget in a better manner.
    • Income Tax Calculator: For all the earning you do, if you end up spending most of it as tax, then you are hardly taking anything home and it is quite important for you to understand how much income tax you need to pay based on your monthly income. So, this tool, based on your location and gross income, determines your tax and thus you are better prepared.
    • Tax Code Calculator: It helps you to determine if your tax code is correct or not and you need to have your tax code, tax year for which you want to check, your age and your earnings(pre-tax) to use this particular tool.
    • 10 Minute benefit check-up: You need to give 10 minute of your time to use this tool where you have to answer few questions such as: If you are single or in a couple? Number of dependent children, if any? Does anyone else live in your house? Your Housing Status? Are you a British or Irish citizen living in the UK? Your postal code? Year for which you want to work out your entitlement? Where do you live? Based on the above information, this tool calculates if you are entitled for any benefits or not.
  6. 6. Mortgages and Homes

    • Mortgage Best Buys: You can use this tool to compare best mortgage for you from thousands of mortgages in order to find your top home loan. Based on certain parameters such as your mortgage circumstances, how much do you want to borrow, value of your property, deposit, loan-to Value (LTV), total mortgage term in years etc for it to calculate best mortgage plan for your home loans and thus save you running from post to pillar in finding the same.
    • Ultimate Mortgage Calculator: This tool calculates basic mortgage which you need to pay on monthly basis based on parameters such as mortgage debt, mortgage term in years, annual interest rate, fees to take out the mortgage, mortgage type etc.
    • Council Tax Rebanding Calculator: Since rates were increased in this year, you can use this tool to see if you have been overpaying and in case you are one of those 400,000 households in England and Scotland who have overpaid, you can challenge your Council based on the result of Council Tax Rebanding Calculator.
    • Lease Extension Calculator: Use this tool in case you want to add more years to your already existing lease, however, it cannot be used, in case your lease has less than 60 years to run because of too many variables involved in it. Parameters required are current value of your flat, annual ground rent and time left on the lease.
    • Stamp Duty Calculator: This guide is quite updated with the recent stamp duty changes and it also explains when and how you need to pay stamp duty. How much stamp duty you pay depends on where you stay in UK because property in England, Wales and Northern Ireland use same rate bandings whereas Scotland uses different rate bandings.
    • Can You Buy Your Freehold? This tool can give you a complete picture if you are entitled to buy your own freehold or not.
  7. 7. Holidays and Travel

    • TravelMoneyMax: You can use this tool to find cheapest currency rates of Dollar, Euros etc along with cheapest way to spend your money while abroad.
    • Travel Insurance Comparison: This tool lists down the best insurance options for all travelers aged under 65 and with no medical conditions and insurance policies are available as per your age bracket.
    • Tickety Split: Split ticketing means having two tickets for different parts of a journey, instead of having one ticket for the entire journey and this way it is way cheaper and this tool helps you to find split train tickets in the same train at the same time but at lesser cost.
    • Overseas Spending Cards Calculator: When you are travelling abroad, you spend most of your expenses by your credit card. This tool helps you to understand how much you have to pay to use your card abroad.
  8. 8. Insurance

    Car & Travel Insurance – MoneySavingExpert
    • Car Insurance Job Picker: This is a fun tool to reduce your insurance by changing your job description. You can find your new job title by entering your typical annual car insurance cost and your usual occupation.
    • Travel Insurance Comparison: This tool lists down the best insurance options for all travelers aged under 65 and with no medical conditions and insurance policies are available as per your age bracket.
  9. 9. Games and Quizzes

    • The Help Martin Save Game: There are various games this tool lists down for you to check your knowledge on money saving topics.
    • MSE IQ Test: You can use this tool to see how good you are with your money. While it follows traditional IQ tests, the result of test depends on factors such as accuracy of your answers, you have finished the test in how much time, correct answers and most importantly, how well you do compared to others.
    • How Tight Are You? You can use this tool if you are being too miser with your money or too easy with it.
  10. 10. Apps

    • Tickety Split: Split ticketing means having two tickets for different parts of a journey, instead of having one ticket for the entire journey and this way it is way cheaper and this tool helps you to find split train tickets in the same train at the same time but at lesser cost.
    • Local eBay Deals Mapper: Based on your postal code, this tool helps you in locating nearby gems in terms of best deals.
    • Amazon Discount Finder: At times, most of the deals are hidden and thus are difficult to locate. With the help of this particular tool, you can find at least 75%-off deals and much more.

MoneySavingExpert.com® by Martin Lewis is dedicated to help customers save their hard-earned cash on a range of financial products & services by finding the best deals and beating the system. The website provides journalistic research, giving users opportunity to ask questions & interact with each other through forums like platforms.

Have you used Martin's money saving site or the forums? You can share your experiences about MoneySavingExpert website and let others know your views by commenting below.

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