List Of Exempt Expenses

1. Work-related training
2. Relocation expenses of up to £8,000
3. Annual allowance of £150 per employee for annual functions and Christmas parties
4. Free or subsidised canteen food
5. Childcare vouchers: £55 per week maximum for basic rate tax payer.
6. Shares provided by a company through an approved scheme
7. Free parking at or near your work place
8. Long -service gifts and rewards for 20 years’ service or more (excluding cash)
9. Pension contributions paid by Employer
10. Premium paid by employer for life cover and any resulting death benefit
11. Medical check-ups for you and your family
12. Fees for eye tests
13. Provision of cycles that are generally available to the workforce for business purposes
14. Pool cars that are generally available to staff and kept at employer’s premises
15. Job-related living accommodation
16. Awards to employees under formally constituted suggestion schemes
17. Mobile phones where the contract is in the name of the employer

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