1. DNS normal turnaround time for contract and working practices review is 3 business days, from the date of receiving all the documents necessary to complete the checks. If we are not in receipt of any required information, you acknowledge that the turnaround time will be reasonably extended based on when the required information was received. If you have opted for the same day business service, you will receive the review report provided we receive all the documents before 4pm on the business day.
  2. The nature of the IR35 legislation is such that it is based substantially upon subjective analysis of the facts and interpretation at the time. We are unable to guarantee a successful outcome if HMRC was to challenge you. For this reason, you agree that our assessment and any assistance we provide acts only as a guidance and DNS cannot be held liable whatsoever for any liabilities, interest and penalties you may incur because of your actions.
  3. The Working Practices Test, together with contract between your Limited Company and the agency/end client, and the contract between your agency and end client, will enable us to provide an opinion on whether or not your engagement is likely to be subject to IR35. If you are not able to provide all necessary contract(s) or complete the Working PracticesTest, we will provide a qualified opinion based on the information provided.
  4. We cannot guarantee that HMRC will not choose your company for an IR35 enquiry or investigation.
  5. In the event that you disagree with the IR35 opinion, you can supply further evidence. You may also obtain a second opinion at your own cost or seek advice from HMRC directly by visiting here. We do not offer any refunds if you disagree with our opinion.

What are the Benefits of IR35 Review Service?

In the contracting industry, compliance is a key issue because of the ever-changing frameworks and new legislations imposed by HMRC. At DNS, we have a strong focus on compliance; to ensure the monies our clients are taking from their Limited Companies are being taxed appropriately. For this reason, we have a dedicated IR35 Compliance team that keeps itself up to speed with the recent case laws and legislative changes and proactively manages IR35 issues for clients. Our team has helped thousands of contractors to overcome their IR35 issues, giving them complete peace of mind.