Application for British Citizen by Naturalisation (Form AN) Introduction

Becoming a British citizen is a significant life occurrence for anyone. Apart from permitting one to apply for a British Citizen by Naturalisation (Form AN) and British citizen passport, British citizenship bounces one the opportunity to share more wholly in the life of the local community. It’s a dream of all to explore the fast moving, historical and enjoying life of United Kingdom. This could be processed more conveniently if one has a thorough knowledge about the rules and procedure to apply for a British Citizenship. Being a UK citizen comes with a number of excellent benefits, viz., free access to the National Health Service (NHS), equal right to vote in Parliamentary and Local elections, permission to hold UK Passport providing unobstructed travelling, have your bank account (even if you are a non-resident you can still open a bank account) Booklet AN (Apply to become a British citizen by naturalisation (form AN)- is the correct approach in this regard. This facilitates one with every minute requirement and rules to be followed while processing the form AN. The permanent residency, business settlement in UK or joining an UK company as an employee, all needs to get a UK citizenship, which have a prominent process followed by up to mark criterion to be processed.

Form AN – How to Fill the Application Form to Become A British Citizen by Naturalisation

How to fill Application of Naturalization (AN) form?

Filing the application form of Application of Naturalization (AN) to process for the UK Citizenship is segmented in different sections requiring the various details relevant to the applicant. These further sections comprised of; Personal Information, Residence Requirements, Good Character, Crown Service, Referee and Identity, Biometric Environment and Declaration by Applicant. Filling the details clearly in BLOCK LETTERS and ensuring the accuracy of details before submitting the form are the two much needed aspects of the process.

  1. Personal Information Section covers all the relevant details of the person like name, surname, gender, passport or travel document number, nationality, national insurance number (if any), marital status, present residence address (should be same for last 5 years), proficiency of UK language (if have) and other. All these details must be filled up with due accuracy. Later on after getting a citizenship one need to attend a ceremony for being a UK citizen, even being unskilled in the UK Language.
  2. Residence Requirement asks about the sheltering arrangement of a person. For this one must ensure to have a valid and prominent residence in UK beforehand to get affiliated for the permanent citizenship. For this one need to fill the date of first arrival in UK for a long term association. If the date is less than 5 years before the application date or in case of marriage with a British Citizen if it is less than 3 years then the application could get terminated.
  3. One must give an exact detail of all criminal convictions, if made both within and outside the United Kingdom. These too include road traffic offences, in which fixed penalties notes need to be enclosed. Driving when drunk is also included in the offence to be declared if had gone with. For these offences all the civil judgment records and details must be presented in this section. Similar with, sexual offence also categorized in the section which must be mentioned with all the details, as it being be verified with the police of concerned territories, to get certified for a good character.
  4. Crown Service Section only needs to fill only if one is applying for one’s wife or husband. This service is specially assigned service. Since somehow Naturalization is considered as a benefit of Crown Service but Booklet – AN clearly states that actually it is not granted on this basis as well as not rewarding for long service under this Crown Service Section.
    One must enclose the recent passport size photograph with the application, mentioning the name and date of birth at its back. The picture must contain the full body image with clear face recognition. The clarity of face vision must be ensured before gluing it. Covered face with moustaches, beard, scarf, hat, sunglasses gets rejected. Also the applicant must need to present two well-known persons as the referees of the applicant. The referees could be a person with any nationality with professional value like any civil officer, member of any professional body or any minister. The referee with the personal relationship will not be considered.
  5. Biometric Enrollment is required to enroll the biometric details for the purpose of identity verification. This section needs to be complete by the applicant, which is chargeable on the enrollment, paid at the nominated Post Office. Passport, National Identity, Home Office Travel Document, Birth Certificate, Photo Driving License or Bank/ Building Society or Credit Card statement can be presented along with the issued Biometric Residence Permit. Without getting enrolled with this section the application is rejected.

In the 7.1 box, one need to insert name by ticking all the boxes numbered from 7.2 to 7.7, confirming the points asked, the applicant will complete the Declaration Section. Below the last box the signature and date is also to be done carefully. If the declaration section does not match up with the other details mentioned above like, offense record, residence requirement, naturalization and other, then the designated authority can cancel the citizenship application.

British Citizenship – Various Prospects

There are many aspects to the citizenship in UK, with which different sections and requirements are stepped to process the application:

As a Foreigner, request Form AN at local government offices; receive Indefinite Leave or Settlement of at least 12 months; residency of a time period of 5 years or more need to be presented; good character requirement is same for this category too. A test naming Life in the UK need to be cleared comprising 24 objective questions based on UK culture, history, law and values. Then send the application form to Department 1, UKV1, The Capital, New Hall Place, L3 9PP.

As a partner of a British Citizen, one need to complete; UK residency for 3 years but in case of permanent residency of the spouse, this not need to be filled. Rest of the sections will remain same to be presented.

Being a child of UK Citizen, one can hold a UK Passport but not entitled to live and work there. Being a British National, a simple form is to be filled as per the applicant’s status; B(OTA) holding other citizenship, B(OS) if having no citizenship,S1, S2 OR S3 for stateless person, EM for the resident of Hong Kong, UKM(Mother) or UKF(Father) if having a British parent but don’t bear the citizenship due to birth time and condition.

Conclusion: Application Form to Become A British Citizen by Naturalisation (Form AN)

Though to obtain the UK citizenship is one of the most aspired events of one’s life, yet the process is extremely dignified evolving even the smaller information about the applicant. Hence it is so important to fill all the details asked in each and every section so carefully and accurately. Further, for a safer side an applicant not only must review the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 for paid persuasions, but also scrutinize the Citizenship Guidance (Guidance & Booklet AN) thoroughly to avoid any kind of flaw and delicacy. Also, after getting the citizenship of United Kingdom, one must not forget to attend the Citizenship Ceremony organized by the local councils of the territory and presenting one the certificate of UK Citizenship.

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