E.ON Contact Number

In the United Kingdom, E.ON energy UK is a provider of public energy. E.ON energy is the biggest investor-owned power and gas company in the world. It is in the United Kingdom from past fifteen years.

E.ON Contact Number

I Have an Electricity or Gas Emergency. What Can I Do?

If you found that the gas is leaking, then you require to open all the windows and doors to support ventilation and put out naked flames like candles. You can also switch off the gas supply to the meter and leave the meter off. If still your issue is not resolved, then dial the number 0800 111 999 of the National Gas Service Emergency Line. When you wait for the help, then don’t switch on anything electrical such as light switches, don’t light any naked flames and don’t smoke.

E.ON Business Contact Number Call Charges (per minute)
E.ON contact phone number 0870 280 5467 50p
Electricity or gas emergency 0800 111 999 Free
Prepayment meter and customer services 0345 303 3040 normal landline rate
Minicom and textphone helpline 0800 056 6560 8p to 30p
Braille Support helpline 0333 202 4762 8p to 30p
For new connections 0333 202 4730 8p to 30p
New connection for businesses 0333 202 4920 8p to 30p
New connection for property developer 0345 301 5921 normal landline rate
For business enquiries 0333 202 4586 8p to 30p
Billing Enquiries 0333 202 4687 8p to 30p
Direct Debit Enquiries 0345 052 0000 normal landline rate
Smart Meter Queries 0345 366 5973 normal landline rate

The E.ON call charges also vary depending on the mobile carrier, like for calling through Vodafone the charges would be on the higher side – 30p per minute.

You can call the E.ON contact phone number 0870 280 5467 for a wide variety of reasons like:

  • Querying or paying your bill
  • Submitting the reading of meter
  • Taking help for reading the meter
  • Transferring your E.ON service to a new address
  • Installing a new energy service or building a new property
  • Reporting an issue with your electricity or gas supply
  • Complaint making

Various Causes for calling E.ON

What I can Do If My E.ON Bill Is Not Correct?

If your bill does not display the right calculation of your real usage, then you require to find the meter reading and then submit this reading to the E.ON to make sure that you will get correct billing.

For the energy used in the past months, you might have billed by E.ON if your bills were not accurate in the past. Other causes for unexpected mistakes in your bill comprises of the year time (because in winter, you use more energy), being billed for the incorrect type of gas meter, increase in the number of people in your home, new appliances in the home, and modifications in the price etc.

If your bill has more set of charges and readings, then the reason of this is a modification of price on your energy or because you have selected a different tariff of energy as compared to your previous bill. The bill will be divided to indicate the charges and prices after and before the modification.

It is very useful to perceive how your gas charges are intended to assist you in understanding your bill. If according to your view that your bill is not correct, then you require to call the customer services of E.ON. They will resolve all of your queries.

How Do I Submit And Take A Reading Of The Meter to E.ON?

If you want to properly read your meter reading then it also depends on the kind of meter owned by you. Whether it is a smart, digital or mechanical meter. E.ON will automatically renew your account if you installed a new meter. To update your account E.ON energy will take around six weeks of time.

Some meter boxes need a special key for the purpose of opening. The previous occupant of your home might have left keys for your use. If not, then call the E.ON and they will provide you the new key. To submit the meter reading, you can either log-in to your online E.ON customer account or submit the meter reading via the phone.

You can also submit the meter reading online without making an account by filling the meter reading form on the E.ON portal.

If you find the electricity loss in your home, then check your trip switches to ensure that they are not switched off. Also ask your neighbours that if they have any power. It might be a power cut in your location. Therefore, the E.ON will try to solve your issue as quickly as possible. You can call E.ON customer service for help, if the prepayment credit is running low.

For Prepayment Meter And Customer Services Enquiries Call E.ON Contact Number at: 0345 303 3040

You need to call E.ON at their national non-geographic number of contact 0345 303 3040 for general queries regarding the supply of electricity and gas, information of price and if you are their existing client who deploys a prepayment meter. You must call this helpline if you are facing technical issues regarding using your prepayment key or card. For example, if you topped it up or are not able to top it up and your meter not recognized the funds.

Call 0345 303 3040 for prepayment meter and customer services

You can dial this number if you are on a prepayment meter or have lost heating or power. This customer service phone number 0345 303 3040 is working from 8 am till 8 pm, Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the timings are 8 am to 6 pm. The calls made to this number is billed at the similar rate as calls made to the local phone numbers of the UK like 02 and 01.

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Minicom & Textphone helpline – 0800 056 6560

You can contact E.ON by dialing their textphone number 0800 056 6560if you cannot hear properly or have a speech related issue. Therefore, this dedicated textphone number let you use the minicom or textphone services. Calls made to this number is totally free as this is a freephone number. Persons having the hearing or speech disability can call this number if they have any type of E.ON energy meter.

Braille Support Helpline – 0333 202 4762

You can call E.ON by dialing their local rate telephone number 0333 202 4762 if you wish to receive all the important correspondence in the Braille format because of sight loss or blindness. This service is also free.

E.ON Contact Number For New Connections Call 0333 202 4730

You require to dial the phone number 0333 202 4730 to contact E.ON if you construct an extension for your property which requires electricity or gas connections. To install the connections, you need to call this helpline before constructing your extension to notify E.ON and for getting helpful information. Your existing connection help E.ON to install the connections with minimal disruption and very efficiently for the new structure.

If you are the owner of a business then you need to call the phone number 0333 202 4920 and if you require new electricity and gas connections for your commercial premises. If you are a property developer then you require to call 0345 301 5921 to install connections to your new constructions by the E.ON.

E.ON Contact Number For Business Enquiries Call 0333 202 4586

Call E.ON at their telephone number 0333 202 4586 for any kind of business enquiry. Dial this number to get the dedicate commercial customer service help regarding your electricity and gas supply and to nominate the representatives or update the energy account of your company. You can contact this helpline for resolution of your queries relating to the management services and the energy tariffs of the businesses.

You can get full assistance if your company has unique or high requirements of the energy. Here given the complete list of phone numbers for the payment, meter and billing enquiries. If you wish to email the E.ON business services, then you require to fill the official online form of contract on their portal.

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Phone Number Business Enquiries Team
0333 202 4586 Customer Services
0333 202 4586 Join E.ON
0333 202 4687 Billing Enquiries
0345 052 0000 Direct Debit Enquiries
0345 366 5973 Smart Meter Queries
0333 202 4920 New Connections

E.ON Contact Number For Gas Emergencies Call 0800 111 999

You require to call the number 0800 111 999 immediately if you thought that there is an issue with your E.ON gas supply or if you smell gas. The calls made to this phone number are totally free and you can call this phone number from any UK mobile phone or landline phone. The National Gas Emergency Service will then provide you advise, regarding how to keep your family safe and what to do next.

If you have any doubt, switch off the gas supply from the meter quickly, open the windows and doors and try to leave the property if possible. If you are having an issue with your E.ON boiler, then immediately call 0800 051 1470 to request a Gas safe engineer. Calls made to this number are free.

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Call 105 For Electricity Emergencies And Power Cut

If there is a power cut in your home and there is no any issue with your individual supply of E.ON electricity, then call the number 105 to report the issue and get the information regarding the proper solution of your issue.

Different Methods To Contact E.ON

You can contact E.ON by using various methods such as postal addresses, social media accounts and email the forms. Email is a very good method to contact the energy company such as E.ON. For example, you can write an email to E.ON by writing your issue in detail. To email the E.ON, you require to fill the online form of contact on their portal for account specific and general enquiries.

You can also have a live web chat with the customer service agents of the E.ON energy.

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