Modern business environment calls for new and innovative way of accounting. Crunch aims to assist small-businesses and contractors / freelancers to be in control of their finances with the guidance from qualified accountants and use of simple online software. Its online accounting software for small business, and contractors / freelancers is available at a reasonable price of £29.50+VAT per month. The software enables users to have access to real-time accounts. The software updates in real time, helping user to have an up-to-date picture of their accounts. Also, it helps to manage invoicing effortless – invoices can be sent directly to clients in a flash and even helps with overdue invoices. Additionally, the application helps users to manage their expenses in a hassle-free manner – through its mobile app expenses can be tracked and updated on the move

Crunch Accounting Software for Accountants

Key Features of Crunch

  • Accountant on standby
  • Add-on payroll for employees
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Automatic computation of dividends
  • Balance reconciliation
  • Bank-Bolt integration
  • Business returns preparation and filing
  • Company timeline
  • Dashboard
  • Dates tracking and calendar updating
  • Deadline tracking
  • Expenses management
  • Mobile apps
  • Multi-currency support
  • Real-time accountancy
  • Real-time financial updates
  • Receipts management / backup
  • Record business mileage automatically
  • Registered office
  • RTI-compliant
  • Sales tracking
  • Send invoices directly to clients
  • Unlimited accountancy support
  • Value added tax (VAT) registration & filing
  • Year end accounts

Easy to use

Crunch has very well designed software that is each to operate. The application is very secure and compliant with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Companies House guidelines. There is no way to enter unidentified transactions which are not relating to a supplier or customer which makes things time consuming. Using the mobile app, small-businesses and freelancers / contractors can even record expenses on the move


Crunch’s accounting software is built using Enterprise Java and supports 128-bit (RC4-SHA) SSL encryption. It operates on a similar platform as applications used in most of the large banks. The application is very secure and keeps the user data protected. We understand that it’s about the finances of a business, and money matters need to be kept secure

Data backup

The software keeps all the data safe and data is mirrored to numerous servers which mean that even if one fails, the software will not crash or result in data loss. The application also supports a second level of backup, which takes a snapshot of all user data and stores it across multiple locations and servers. The application is designed in such a way that the data is always protected


Crunch’s software works very easily on laptops and tablets (Android, iPads). The company also offers exclusive Android and iPhone apps to provide enhanced customer experience, thereby, helping users to record expenses on the move. The company aims to provide value added services to its customers and makes these apps available for free for Crunch clients

Assist with Self Assessment

The Crunch software assists with all business-related accounting services, as well as offers an optional service for personal tax (this service is available at an additional cost). Service tart at £75.0 and it is only available to Crunch clients

In order to generate corporation tax, value added tax (VAT) returns, and year-end documents Crunch software needs the latest information, so it is imperative to keep the Crunch records updated. Without up-to-date information about the company finances, Crunch software will not be able to generate VAT returns, and other year-end documents. Updating Crunch account takes little time and we offer special mobile apps to help make the process more efficient


Packages are tailored as per the requirements of clients. The company offers packages in three categories:



Umbrella for Contractors


Accounting for Limited Companies


Accounting for Sole Traders

Package from £19.50 per week

Package from £69.50 + VAT per month

Package from £29.50 + VAT per month


Dedicated payroll support

Real-time accountancy software

Real-time accountancy software

Comprehensive insurance cover

Year end accounts

HMRC registration

Fully HMRC compliant

Unlimited accountancy support

Unlimited accountancy support

Weekly payroll submission

Corporation tax filing

Self Assessment submission

Undisturbed umbrella service for contractors in the UK

Crunch Umbrella offers simplicity in operations for contractors. It helps contractors to focus on their work with all their National Insurance (NI) contributions and taxation taken care of

Crunch for Limited Companies in the UK

Clients can either pay monthly or yearly (paying yearly saves the clients 10% on the annual amount). It offers three packages – Standard, Plus, and Premium

Standard (£69.50 /month +VAT)

Plus (£96 .50 /month +VAT)

Premium (£156 .50 /month +VAT)

Through the standard package clients have the option to begin with basic services and later, add services according to their needs. Contact DNS Accountants for additional details.

Contact DNS Accountants for additional details

Contact DNS Accountants for additional details

Through the standard package clients have the option to begin with basic services and later, add services according to their needs. Contact DNS Accountantsfor additional details.

Contact DNS Accountants for additional details

Contact DNS Accountants for additional details

Crunch for Sole Traders

Sole-Traders can either pay monthly or yearly (paying yearly will save sole traders 10% on the annual amount). It offers three packages – Standard (available at £29.50/month + VAT), Plus (available at £39.50/month + VAT), and Premium (available at £59.50/month + VAT)


Crunch is very easy and simple to use as compared to other bookkeeping software. Our team understands precisely what small-businesses and freelancers need, and have created an easy to use, streamlined system

Crunch accountant

DNS Accountants are leading Crunch accountant in the UK. Small businesses and freelancers / contractors interested in modern accounting software can get in touch with us. Our accounting staff ranges from chartered accountants (CAs) to ACAs and all our accountants regularly undergo trainings to keep themselves up-to-date with accounting and tax legislation. Our team offers a series of webinars for both, new and existing clients to help them get the most out of Crunch

Crunch review and rating

According to a recent survey conducted, Crunch received an overall rating of 8.1 out of 10. According to a survey respondent “I have been using Crunch for over a year now and it works well for me – I upload information into the system and it guides me to translate information into insights. Crunch is friendly customer service; I would recommend them”

Crunch Login

Existing and new customers who have sole trader businesses can click here to login. Also, existing and new customers who have Limited Companies can click here to login

Crunch Support

Our advisors are always online, prepared and waiting to answer any questions our new and existing clients may have. Alternatively, clients can also call on 0333-920-2266
or email us at

Crunch Training

The Crunch Academy is where all the staff training is being done to meet the 15% increased vacancies on a y-o-y basis according to APSCo. The Academy aims to impart training to both customers and talented youth across the UK to overcome the shortage of professional accountants

DNS Accountants – the Crunch accountants

DNS Accountants are Crunch accountants in and around the UK. Our team aims to provide thorough guidance to new and existing customers including small-business-owners and contractors / freelancers. Our services range from auto enrolment, business start-up guidance, accounting compliance and tax advice (UK company formation, VAT registration and returns services, business account opening, business insurance, registered office address (ROA), and tax investigation cover), bookkeeping services, management accounts, self assessment, RTI & payroll, smart cloud software training, construction industry scheme (CIS), landlord property tax etc. For any Crunch associated query, clients can contact us at or get in touch with us on our social media network – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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