The theory test for Compulsory Basic Training costs £23, whereas motorcycle tests done off-road are £15.50 and £75. Learners who were disqualified can also have extended test for £150. Car driving test costs £62 and if you also have to apply for trailer then the total cost is £115.

What is the Cost of Applying for CBT and Other Vehicle Test for Learners?

Vehicle Test - Type
Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Theory test £23
Module 1 motorcycle test (off-road) £15.50
Module 2 motorcycle test (on-road) £75
Extended test for disqualified riders (on-road) £150
Car Theory test £23
Abridged theory test - you must have a Safe Road User Award to take this £18
Driving test £62
Extended driving test for disqualified drivers £124
Car and Trailer Driving test £115
For Buses (Lorry, minibus and coaches) Driver CPC part 1a: theory - multiple-choice questions £26
Driver CPC part 1b: theory - hazard perception £11
Driver CPC part 2: case studies £23
Driver CPC part 3: driving ability £115
Driver CPC part 4: practical demonstration £55
Tractor and other specialist vehicles Driving test £62

Who is required to undergo CBT Motorcycle Training?

CBT (compulsory basic training) is that course which you need to take admission before riding a motorcycle or moped on the road. This course ensures that you can safely ride the vehicle owned by you while you learn to ride a motorcycle or moped for your CBT test.

Compulsory Basic Training

CBT test is not that kind of test in which you can fail or pass.

After finishing the CBT, you can ride a moped if your age is 16 years or you are more than 16 years of age. If your age is 17 years or more then 17 years, you can ride a 125-cc motorcycle having 11 kW of power output. You need to use L plates. If you are living in Wales, then you are required to use D or L plates.

Within the next two years, you need to pass your entire motorcycle or moped test. Otherwise, you need to stop riding or appear for the CBT test again. If you do not have a valid certificate of CBT, then you have to give a fine of around £1,000 and six points of penalty are charged on you.

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When CBT Motorcycle Test is Not Necessary for You

  • There is no any need for you to sit for the CBT test if you passed the test of car driving before February 1, 2001 or if you need to ride a 50cc moped.
  • If you wish to ride a bike and own a complete license of moped by passing the test of moped since December 1, 1990.
  • If you own a full license of motorcycle for a certain category and wish to upgrade to a different category
  • If you ride and live in an offshore island

How to book the CBT Motorcycle course

You require to book the CBT (compulsory basic training) course with a training school of motorcycle. The training school fix the price of the course. The price of the CBT course depends up on various factors like from which motorcycle and moped training school you take admission. Also, whether you ride the motorcycle and moped of the training school or you own the motorcycle or the moped.

The motorcycle and moped training school will also want to view the driving license owned by you before starting the course. After passing the test of theory, you require to pass the module 1 test or off-road test of riding and module 2 test or on-road test of riding.

You can book tests of riding as per your convenience. You need to pass the test of module 1 before you appear for the test of module 2. For every module, the fees are totally different. After passing the tests of riding you can ride with utmost safety in various traffic and road conditions. You can also display that you have sufficient knowledge of the code of the highway by the method you ride the motorcycle or moped.

The national standard of motorcycle and mopeds riding will provide you all the necessary information which you need to perform for successfully clearing the riding tests.

There is no any limit on the lessons number you need to finish before the booking and appearing for the tests.


Check or Change Your Details Of CBT Motorcycle Test

You can modify the test date after booking the test. You can also view the information if you have deleted or lost the confirmation of email which is sent to you during the test booking. If you are living in Northern Ireland, then you can get in touch with the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency) to confirm that if the course of CBT or instructor of motorcycle is authorized in Northern Ireland.

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DVA Contact Details

Telephone: 0300 200 7861
Timings: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

CBT Motorcycle Course Preparation

Your instructor will stop you from attending the CBT (compulsory basic training) if your understanding of the traffic signs and Highway code is not up to the mark for the safe riding.

CBT course preparation

You must have knowledge about:

  • The important rules which applies to motorcycle and moped riders.
  • What different users of road are want to perform.
  • You need to pay again for readmission in the course if your instructor ends your training because you do not prepare for the training in a proper manner.
  • For the training, you need to be in possession of a valid driving license of UK.

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What you require to wear during CBT Motorcycle Training

  • You need to wear a helmet of motorcycle which meets the standards of British safety. If you belong to Sikh community and need to wear a turban then you need to talk to the training school.
  • Good quality footwear or boots of motorcycle which protects and support your ankles.
  • Heavy denim trousers or leather or textile motorcycle trousers.
  • A heavy jacket of denim or a leather or textile motorcycle jacket with various layers.
  • Gloves of motorcycle.
  • If you not wear proper clothing then your CBT course can be stopped and you need to give extra charges for admission into the course again.

If you are using your personal motorcycle or moped

You are not permitted to ride your personal motorcycle or moped for the CBT course if you do not have a CBT (compulsory basic training) certificate. You need to appear for CBT again before the expiry of your present certificate of CBT.

What is the duration of the CBT training?

The duration of CBT (compulsory basic training) course is one day. The duration can be extended and it also depends up on how fast you learn.

The CBT Motorcycle training course consists of five parts.

  • Eyesight check and introduction
  • Training on-site
  • Riding on-site
  • Training on-road
  • Riding on-road

Riding on-road

Riding on-road

The riding on-road part lasts for around two hours. If the instructor finish riding before the completion of two hours, then you must make a complaint to DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

What is the maximum number of people for the CBT training?

The maximum number of people for the CBT Motorcycle training is:

  • For on-site parts, per trainer four learners
  • For on-road parts, per trainer 2 learners

If the number of learners is more, then you can make a complaint with DVSA.

After finishing the course, you can receive the DL196 or a certificate of completion. After getting the certificate, you can ride a motorcycle or moped of around 125CC with 11kW power output. You can drive on the road by displaying the L plates. If you are living in Wales, then you need to display D or L plates.

Within two years, you need to pass the test of theory and full motorcycle or moped test otherwise you need to stop riding or finish your CBT test again.

If you own a valid license of driving a car, then you are permitted to ride a 50cc moped without showing the L plates and without any need to appear for the moped test in some cases.

If you passed the test of driving after or before February 1, 2001.

You receive a full license of moped if you pass the test of car driving and then finish a CBT (compulsory basic training) course.

If you finish a course of CBT and after that within two years pass the test of car driving.

Then without displaying the L plates, you can ride a 50cc moped. You don’t require to appear for the full test of moped.

As long as your license of car driving is valid, you can ride the moped.

If you passed the test of driving before February 1, 2001.

You need to appear for the CBT test if you wish to ride a moped greater than 50cc.

If you want to ride on islands off-shore.

To ride in the places given below, you need to take the CBT (compulsory basic training) test.

  • Mainland Shetland
  • Mainland Orkney
  • Lewis
  • Harris
  • Benbecula
  • North Uist
  • South Uist
  • The isle of Wight
  • Any island which are connected by road to the Great Britain

To ride for other islands of offshore, you do not require to appear for the CBT test.

You can get in touch with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) if –

  • you are not satisfied with the training standards.
  • If there are more number of learners per trainer
  • If the riding on-road part is finished before two hours.
  • In that case you require to provide:
  • The name of the training school along with the name of the trainer.
  • The time and date of the training.
  • The address where you appear for the training.
  • Information regarding why you are not satisfied with the training.

CBT Team, DVSA Contact Details

Telephone: 0115 936 6547
Timings: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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