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Introduced in the United Kingdom, Cashplus is a product and trading name of Advanced Payment Solutions (APS) Limited and offers current accounts and MasterCard for Local Government authorities, small businesses (SMBs), and consumers around the UK. It is a digital challenger to banks and in Nov-17, announced plans to file in a banking licence application. Features that make it well-positioned to establish itself as a modern bank, encompass its anytime banking services, online decision making, real-time available information, and specialised lending products.

Cashplus has been authorised and controlled by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulatory body in the UK, since the last 12 years. During this period, it has offered numerous first-time services such as banking services via the 11,500 Post Office branches and it is also the first to present an instantaneous online business current account. It is one of the discoverers in FinTech and has established some of the most innovative digital banking services, which pose a threat to the old-style banking model. Through its in-house data analytics, and registered technologies, Cashplus has offered more than 1.3mn client's crystal clear banking solutions to competently manage their business cash flow and finances. It has been voted by readers of PayBefore as 2017 Best Challenger Bank and continues to offer pioneering banking solutions for clients who look for more than just traditional banks solutions.

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