A chief selling point of Cashplus, which has made it very popular and a serious challenger to the high-street banks, is that credit checks are not compulsory. This is of immense help to new established and small businesses (SMEs) in the United Kingdom as well as those organisations that have been formed or rebranded from other companies. Cashplus has acknowledged and utilised this feature very well and APS strategically moved ahead of prepaid cards for customers to provide digital current accounts for consumers as well as businesses along with other foreign currency cards, and lending products – approval for all is instantaneous. As Cashplus operates their cards through MasterCard, a massive network of transactions is open to customers, which logically comprises the provision to make payments internationally, as well as online and in-person.

A chief issue which new businesses in the United Kingdom usually face is getting the right to use the services and funds which are required to grow the business and reach their potential. Customer receive adequate banking services to control the transactions in a professional and progressive way, with occupational expense cards being particularly challenging to attain. High street banks are time and again regarded as restraining to small businesses (SMEs), and taking the control away from the usual banking routes. Cashplus aims to not only remove the restrictions of credit and trading history info, it also creates a rapid and stress-free process that small business with limited experience and time will find accommodating and attractive. Cashplus enables applicants to make applications online, with account numbers, decisions, and sort codes being provided instantaneous. Cashplus cards are delivered directly to the address opted by customers within a few days of the application being accepted. With Cashplus, the long strained process of filing an application and opening a business bank account is eliminated.

The Cashplus Business Account is a quick and simple way to set up a business account and the account offers all the advantages a customer would desire such as an online access of account, business account card, and setting up of direct debits. Additionally, customers can avail the benefit of using a network of over 13,000 outlets to transfer cash which also includes UK Post Office.

Key Benefits of Cashplus Business Account

  • All decisions are made instantaneous online
  • Free to pay in cash at the Post Office
  • No credit check required to apply
  • Simple online submission

For only £69 per annum, users can have comprehensive control over their business finances. Either partnership, sole trader, or limited company appropriate applicants will be processed in a matter of minutes.



Additional Card Issue Fee


Annual Account Fee


Cash Deposit (Retail)

£3.00 up to £1,000; 0.25% on anything above £1,000 for every calendar month

Cash Paid In (Post Office)

£1,000 free; 0.25% above £1,000 for every calendar month

Direct Debit Out

Free of cost

Electronic Transfer Deposit

Free of cost

Electronic Transfer Payment

3 Free each month then £0.99 each

Foreign ATM Withdrawal


Foreign Card Transaction Charge


Rejected Direct Debit Fee

£15.00 (Maximum £60.00 every month)

United Kingdom ATM Withdrawals


United Kingdom Card Transactions

Free of cost

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