The Cashplus prepaid cards provide a simpler way to banking and is a great substitute to a credit card or bank account. A prepaid Cashplus card comes with free buying protection and enables users to enhance their credit rating at no additional cost.

Cashplus prepaid cards offers a protected way to in-store or shop online worldwide and have beneficial features such as:

  • No credit checks
  • No tie-ins or contracts
  • No links to bank account
  • No penalties or interest to pay

Additionally, if an individual is above 18 and resides in the United Kingdom, he/she is most likely guaranteed to be granted approval for the Cashplus Gold card. Cashplus gold prepaid card is very handy and is beneficial for buying products over the internet. Cashplus can be easily topped-up by a payment transfer from the bank account or at the Post Office. The transferred amount is typically credited in the account the next business day. To get the card PIN, customers need to contact the customer services.

Cash Plus Credit Cards

Just like any other credit card offered by other banks, a Cashplus can be used in the similar manner to purchase goods and pay at the card due date. It provides customers the ease to make regular purchases as Cashplus Credit Card is acknowledged for purchases made in-store, online, and over the telephone. As any other credit card, Cashplus card too has a defined credit limit which can be reviewed from time to time, basis the monthly/annual amount spent. Application for the card can be made online by simply following the steps mentioned on the portal. If United Kingdom citizens have been sent an invite by Cashplus, then in such a scenario the customers have been pre-qualified, which means Cashplus has done a pre-analysis of an individuals’ credit standing and he/she has a good chance of getting their application approved. By completing the online application process, an individual could receive the card in a few days, depending on the approval (credit limit may vary for each individual). Approval for a card is dependent on factors such as an individual’s financial circumstances and his/her credit history.

Cashplus Master Cards and Debit Cards

MasterCard offers consumer debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards which make the shopping process simpler and quicker from the world over with more safety and protection. As stated earlier, Cashplus prepaid MasterCard is the debit card that offers features such as:

  • Free enrolment in its interest-bearing savings plan
  • No bank account required
  • No credit check
  • No monthly bills
  • Use at over one million ATMs
  • Use to buy online
  • Use wherever Debit MasterCard is recognised

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