Agricultural Worker Holiday

The holiday entitlement varies from worker to worker and totally depends upon how many days a worker worked in a week. As a standard five days week, agricultural employees are entitled to 28 days holiday per annum. In addition to it, Christmas day & New Year’s Day is also given as a holiday to agricultural workers.

Calculation Of Agricultural Worker Holiday Entitlement

Before calculating the agricultural worker holiday entitlement, make sure that you are having the information that how many number of days each week you worked including guaranteed overtime hours, whether you worked for same employer whole year or changed your employer within a year. After collecting this information, you can easily calculate the statutory holiday entitlement of agricultural worker with the help of agricultural worker holiday entitlement calculator.

Agricultural Worker Holiday Entitlement Calculator



Include guaranteed overtime hours if:

  • you have to work them as part of your contract
  • you’re paid for the time even if there’s no work for you to do

7 days per week

6 days per week

5 days per week

4 days per week

3 days per week

2 days per week

1 day per week



Weeks worked at current employer

This is the first day that you will take off work as leave

This includes any days that you worked basic hours, took annual leave or were off sick (whether paid or not).

Total days worked for current employer

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* This calculator is only for reference purposes. For accurate and detailed report, please consult with an accountant. *

Based on your answers, you’re not affected by the benefit cap.

If you unable to work out how much statutory holiday leaves you are entitled to as an agricultural worker, use the agricultural worker holiday entitlement calculator below to find out how many days in an year a agricultural worker is entitled for a holiday.