What are 0344 Numbers? How Much do They Cost ?

What are 0344 Numbers? – All You Need to Know

The numbers that start with 0344 are non-geographical numbers which are charged at the same rate as standard landline numbers that start with with 01, 02 or 03.

0344 Numbers Call Charges

Charges for calling on 0344 number are same as calling to other landline numbers that begin with ‘01’, ‘02’ or ‘03’. In case you have free inclusive landline minutes in your plan, they can be used to call on 0344 numbers.

Call type Call cost
0344 number from a landline Free if you have inclusive minutes in your tariff plan, otherwise standard landline rates will be charged, similar to calling on numbers begin with ‘01’, ‘02’.
0344 number from a mobile Included in your tariff plan, otherwise standard landline rates will be charged, similar to calling on numbers begin with ‘01’, ‘02’.

In this article, we are going to describe what these numbers are actually used for and try to answer few of the frequently asked questions about these numbers. There are various network service providers in the United Kingdom and one of them is Everything Everywhere (EE).

What are 0344 Numbers?

FAQs Related to 0344 Number

  • What are exactly 03 numbers?

    Ans: The telephone numbers starting from 03 are the numbers which are independent of any region and not at all defined by the geographic area, unlike the normal telephone numbers which are based on the region and the network they subscribe to.

  • Am I going to be charged extra if I call on this number?

    Ans: No, not at all!. You won't be charged extra at any cost. It all depends on the tariff plan that you have subscribed and you shall be charged accordingly.

  • Is 0344 related to a landline?

    Ans: The special nongeographical number 0344 is related as it’s an alternative to the typical landline number starting from 01 or 02.

  • If I want to have my number starting from 0344, then do I need a credit or it is included in goodybag ?

    Ans: If you want to get your number started from 0344, then it is important for you to know that these numbers are included in goodybag and you can’t take this number just like that.

  • Which organizations can use this number?

    Ans: This prefix number 0344 released by Ofcom (in the UK) were actually made by governments so that different companies, business firms, and other organization can provide an-geolocated numbers to their users and subscribers.

  • What is the typical call rate for a landline to call 0344?

    Ans: If you are calling from your landline on this number and if you don’t have free calls plan on your phone then 10 – 12 paise per minute shall be charged from your balance.

  • What is the charge of calling 0344 from a mobile phone whose number starts from 02?

    Ans: If any customer calls 0344 from the mobile which has a number starting from 02 then he will be charged up to 35 – 40 paise per minute as defined.

  • If I call 0344 from my Vodafone mobile, how much shall be charged from my main balance?

    Ans: A balance of 35 – 45 paise per minute will be charged from your phone if you have Vodafone sim.

  • How much does it cost for calling 0344 from my 3G mobile phone?

    Ans: Again, a balance of 35 – 45 paise shall be deducted from your main balance if you call 0344 from your 3G mobile.

  • Is 0344 free to call?

    Ans: Calling 0344 can be free of cost if you have inclusive or bundled minutes in your phone package.

  • Are 03 series numbers same as 08 series numbers?

    Ans: 0344 numbers are not similar to 0800 numbers but they can be contacted or called at free of cost if you have bundled minutes or on regular tariff as defined by your network operator.

  • What if I have a phone which has inclusive calls to a landline?

    Ans: If you have the tariff plan where you have inclusive calls to landline then these 03 series, especially 0344 number will also be included in this plan of yours and no more extra charges shall be applied on your calls.

  • I have subscribed to EE operator, please let me know how much I am going to be charged for calling 0344?

    Ans: Dear customer, you shall be charged according to the tariff plan that you have subscribed to your sim. No extra charges shall be applied to calling 0344 as it is treated same as the traditional landline numbers starting from 01 or 02.

  • Which all numbers are included in the list which is free of cost and is treated as normal traditional numbers?

    Ans: This list includes the number starting from 0344 prefixes such as 03440 numbers, 03444 numbers, 03445 number and 03448 numbers and it doesn’t matter which digits come later in the number. These are free of cost in case of bundled minutes plan and on normal cost as per offered by the network that has been subscribed by you.

  • Sometimes, if I ask about 0344 number charge to my telephone operator, then they do not answer me properly.

    Ans: Next time when you call the support people then specify that you are talking about special numbers. It might be the case that they might not be knowing about those numbers exactly but they shall definitely know that there is something called special numbers and then they shall give you the information you need.

It's just to know that there were many protests regarding the ban of many premium numbers such as 08 series. But there is no chance of protest again 03 series because they aren’t premium and they are charged as per the cost or tariff offered.

In the above article, we have tried to cover every aspect and every possible question that can be asked by any customer regarding 0344 numbers.

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