Download Form V317 for Retaining Vehicle Registration Number

If you want to keep your vehicle registration number or move it from one vehicle to another, then you will require form V317. Fill this form and send it to DVLA. Once you send the form to DVLA will inspect it and depending on approval you will receive the registration number. If you receive the registration number, then you can directly put it onto the new vehicle.

Before submitting form V317, certain conditions must be checked - vehicle must be registered at DVLA, it must be taxed and insured, vehicle should be testable and available for inspection. If the vehicle has not been taxed, then it must have a SORN.

V317 can be used for certain instances like when transferring your vehicle registration from one vehicle to another (the owner of the both the vehicles are the same), to a new vehicle the owner is buying or transferring to someone else’s vehicle (in this case V317 has to be filled by both the owners). Along with the V317 you will also have to share V62 or V5C.

How to fill V317?

Form V317

There are two options – Option A or Option B. Remember only 1 option has to be filled.

Option A

This is to be filled by those only who wants to put the registration number from one vehicle to another. The registration fee is £80.

Step 1 - Fill in your Personalised vehicle registration number. Describe the car Make, car Model, VIN and concerned person’s contact number

Step 2 - This is more of a checklist where all the options are mandatory. If owners name or address has to be changed, section 6 is to be filled. Tax or SORN to the car should be applicable. You also have to enclose a fee of £80 along with this form.

Step 3 - Details of the person making the application like name, address, postcode and contact number

Step 4 - Details of the vehicle where the registration number will be put – current registration number, Make and Model of the vehicle and VIN number.

Step 5 – This is the checklist for the vehicle on which the old registration number will be pasted – V5C certificate, V55, tax or SORN and V62.

Option B

This is to be used when you want to take the number off a vehicle and keep it on retention document for up to 10 years.

Step 1 – Details of the vehicle from which the registration is being taken – Personalised registration number, Make and Model, VIN and contact number of the concerned person.

Step 2 – Checklist for this vehicle – V5C, SORN or tax, V10 and insurance certificate (if applicable). Also you must enclose £80 as a fee (enclose it as cheque or postal order)

Step 3 – Details of the person filing the application – name and address, postcode and contact number.

Step 4 – Details of the information you want on retention document (V778).

Where to send V317?

DVLA Swansea SA99 1AR

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