How much is Statutory Sick Pay for 2018/2019?

An employee can get £89.35 per week in 2017/2018 if he/she is eligible for Statutory Sick Pay which is paid by the employer, provided the employee is too ill to work. This amount is paid till 28 weeks in a year. This is the minimum amount that an eligible employee can get. The maximum amount will depend upon other sick pay scheme.

Statutory Sick Pay 2017/18 2018/19
Earnings Threshold £113.00 £116.00
Standard Rate £89.35 £92.05

How much is Statutory Sick Pay for 2018/19?

Statutory Sick Pay Calculator

For 2018/19, the governing body of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has proposed £92.05 as the standard rate for Statutory Sick Pay and £116.00 from £113.00 for Earnings Threshold.

These are the minimum rates as proposed and the actual payment that an employee gets will be different. If you want to find out your exact SSP rate, then you can calculate your Statutory Sick Pay rate here.

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