What are 0300 Numbers?

There are phone numbers worldwide that start with various codes, which specify the geographic location of the number, or the charges levied for calling the number, or the type of specific organisations/individuals that use the number. These codes basically give us extra information other than the number itself, to pinpoint the details of the user. The 0300 number is a Non-Geographic Number (NGN).

What are 0300 Numbers?

The speciality of 0300 numbers are that they are not associated with any kind of geographical location, that is they are not pertaining or restricted on the map. They are usually used by government institutions, public sector undertakings, non-profit organisations and beneficiaries.

The original telephone numbers occupying the 03 numbers were cleared by 2001 and started as a non-geographic number service in 2006. The main aim of telecom providers Ofcom was not to levy any additional charges on callers. All numbers starting with 03 are charged at the same rate. The 03001, 03002 and 03003 are all numbers starting with 03 and treated the same.

What are the Call Charges for 0300 Numbers?

The cost of calling a 0300 number is same as the cost of calling a landline of home or business type. A call to a 0300 number costs you like any other number starting with 01 or 02 and the rates are same for all. If you have some offers for your landlines phones, then you can call 0300 numbers using the same offers. It means that such kind of offers do not lose meaning when they are used to call 0300 or 01 or 02 numbers.

The numbers starting with 03 are usually landlines and are charged 12p to 14p per minute. There are many partial offers available for this, like the evenings or the weekends’ offers and even full time offers that are available every day, all day. The minutes that are inclusive in the packages or offers given by a mobile company are obviously free, but other than various companies charge various calling costs for numbers starting with 03.

0300 Numbers Call Cost from Mobile:

How much does it cost to call on 0300 Numbers from Vodafone?

For Vodafone consumers, the calls to 03 numbers cost 55p per minute, as claimed in the website.

How much do 0300 Numbers cost from EE?

The EE (Everything Everywhere) Limited costs are according to national rates. If you have run out of inclusive minutes then you will pay a maximum of 50p per minute plus an access fee charge of 50p for EE customers.

What is the cost of calling 0300 Numbers cost from Virgin Mobile?

Customers with Virgin Mobile can get the call charges down to 50p per minute; this includes numbers starting with 01 and 02.

How much does it cost to call on 0300 Numbers from BT Mobile?

For BT mobile users, the standard costs to 03 starting numbers are 35p per minute. The cost for text messaging is 12p per message. Both the calls and messages are included in the initial allowance provided by the company. For Tesco mobiles, the calls cost 25p per minute. The costs for Sky mobile are 9p per minute for landlines and 55 per minute for mobile phones, for numbers starting with 03.

Three Mobile is one of the best mobile networks in the UK for its lowest calling costs, and it applies even to numbers starting with 03, where the calling charges from Three Mobile consumers are just three pence per minute. O2 mobile users pay a calling cost of 35p per minute plus a 35p access fee.

Are 0300 numbers free to call?

0300 numbers are not as lenient as the costs levied on the 08 numbers, but they have their own benefits and good tariffs to go with their reduced calling costs. If your phone tariff involves calls to landlines pre-emptively, then you do not need to worry about the calling cost of 03 numbers. But no offer is unlimited like that and there will come a time of the day or a time when the offer ends, when you need to make sustainable calls to 03 numbers.

But they are definitely not free. Calls made to UK numbers starting with 03 are not free. In fact the cost of calling 0300 numbers, provided by many of the companies that deal with their distribution, is same as that of calling a standard landline number. The initial free minutes might be free for 03 numbers, but once the offer ends you need to dish out the calling cost on a minutely basis or a monthly basis, depending on your network service provider and your geographic location.

Who Uses 0300 Number? - Significance of 0300 numbers

These numbers are UK-based national phone numbers which, as we know, are used for non-profit organisations and charities. They were issued by Ofcom as a one-point contact stream where organisations can give their consumers one powerful, trusted line of communication. The added advantage of 0300 numbers is that you can monitor your calls online.

You can have full control over who can call you when and how they can call you. This will ensure you can give a free source of contact for your consumers, if you are an organisation. And this will also help you to maintain a database of the number of calls received, their duration or even record your calls for customer care purposes.

This is mainly for joint businesses or registered organisations. For sole entrepreneurs, partnerships or restricted businessmen, you cannot use 0330 numbers. The 0300 numbers are considered to be ‘mobile-friendly’ due to two main reasons:

  • The other 08 starting freephone numbers charged more than what the 0300 numbers charged. This is because Ofcom demanded that the calling costs of the 0300 numbers should be just as same as the numbers starting with 01 and 02. This improved the number of consumers of 03 numbers by a great degree.
  • Many mobiles have inclusive offers where they give an allowance of minutes free, before the limited offer ends and then you need to start paying. Since 0300 could be included in those minutes and you could benefit from paying less than calling to the other numbers, it is considered mobile friendly.

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