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When to Claim for Form HC1

If one has been accepted for the National Health Service (NHS) treatment, the NHS Low Income Scheme may help with the incurred cost. A person or one’s partner with a prescribed limited capital including income, property and other money may only apply for form HC1 when living independently or in a care home. If a dependent child under the age of 16 goes for NHS treatment then one can also claim help with the travel cost against earned income. Form HC1 is the best option to be benefited with the NHS Low Income Scheme to claim for the health treatment cost; also it is applicable either for full help certificate of a limited help certificate. In case of immediate health assistance, a separate claim needs to be made on a Low Income Scheme Form HC1 while waiting for any benefit say income support, employment and support allowance, income based jobseeker’s allowance, pension credit or tax credit.

Download HC1 Form

HC1 Form

However, the National Insurance number is an essential requirement in most of the cases, still few other also need to be shown as evidence like;

  • Identity proof, and
  • Income and savings details or similar evidence proving such entitlements to claim for the help with health cost.,

In case of failing to present the evidence of eligibility to apply for the claim the claimer may be charged with a penalty against the income.

How to Get and Process the Form HC1

Form HC1 is easily available at local benefit offices, NHS hospitals, dentists, opticians, pharmacists and job centers plus offices as well in different countries all over the UK.

  • All the relevant instructions and guidance have already mentioned at the initial pages of form HC1, read all the instructions carefully. Most of the details are asked to tick with yes or no, hence an authentic option must be marked.
  • The form HC1 is segmented into ten different parts asking details about:
    • About the claimer and his/her partner, in Part1
    • About person’s children and qualifying young people in part2
    • Part3 enquires about other people living with the applicant,
    • Property, savings and other money details are to be filled in part4, which ensures the eligibility of the applicant to claim for form HC1.
    • Part5 of the form enquires about the income of the applicant
    • Work and employment details are to be filled in part6 of the form
    • Part7 asks about the residential details of the applicant
    • Details of people in full-time education is filled in part8
    • Part9 asks other additional information like whether having a car on mobility scheme, money added to a student grant, whether the applicant registered blind, whether the person aware about the increase of benefits or pension.
    • Part10 is the declaration segment where the applicant needs to sign the form followed by filling the basic details like name, address, phone number and relation with the person mentioned in part1.

Where to Send Form HC1

All the details must be checked thoroughly before submission. The filled form is then to send to nearest Social Security or Jobs and Benefits Office in the same envelopes come along with the form HC1, where sending date needs to be mentioned in the box printed on the envelope.

Crown Buildings Upper Knockbreda Road Belfast BT8 6SX


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