Government Gateway – UK – Complete Guide

What is Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway is exactly what the name suggests – a gateway or portal to connect with the Government and its many services offered for the public. First unveiled by Tony Blair in 1999, the Government Gateway was established in 2001 with an aim to bring all government offices and departments, individual citizens of UK and business concerns under one roof online by 2005. It is a secure platform where the public – both individually and as a commercial body, can access the many government services like filing tax returns , animal and agriculture licensing and certifications, property related taxes , VATs , driver’s licensing and many more. The many department services that are available on the Government Gateway are:

The many department services that are available on the Government Gateway are

• Benefits

The beneficial services offered by the Government Gateway include the various rights you have as a citizen of the United Kingdom or as someone eligible to those rights. It includes detailed information about child benefits , death benefits, housing benefits , old age and disability benefits and tax credit. There are links to pages where you can submit appeals and forms for services where applicable.

• Births, deaths, marriages, and care

This is probably the most used service offered by the Government Gateway. It includes registration and certificate of birth and death, name change, gender change, marriage, civil partnerships, and divorce. They also have detailed information about marriage rights, child rights, parenting rights, wills, inheritance taxes and power of attorney.

• Business

Next, there is a business which is also the most consulted field in such cases. There are separate laws clearly stated in the Government Gateway portal about different sectors like manufacturing, farming, maritime and child and health care. From setting up a business to clearing business-related taxes like VAT and Corporation Tax , licensing for events, waste management and obviously, patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

• Childcare and Parenting

This, as is evident by the heading, deals with pre and post-natal services as well as fostering, adoption and surrogacy applications, childcare benefits and financial help to send children to school. It also treads into custodial matters a bit in case of separations and divorces.

• Citizenship in the UK

Citizenship services includes becoming a UK president, passports applications and other basic civil rights of those who are living and non-living residents of UK. Setting up charities and stand-alone communities, sending out government petitions and voting registration also falls under this category. If you are applying for a fresh passport or renewing your old one , then you should know a few other rules that are to be followed.

• Crime, justice and the law

This largely deals with the various criminal laws and the rights of those convicted as well as those who filed the complaints. From basic ones like reporting a crime and paying fines to large-scale ones like appealing to a sentence, court attendance, jury service, and tribunals, support and probation for those who are sentenced and last but not the least, juvenile law – it deals with everything. The website portal has detailed information about that on their website.

• Driving and Transport

Driving and transport covers the whole range of rules and regulations related to motor vehicles and the ones driving them. Among the direct services, there are driving test applications and driver’s licenses, vehicle registration, insurance, number plate registration and traffic fines. The Government Gateway online portal tells you about all the laws about buying and selling cars, highway codes and road safety, the medical conditions that need to be fulfilled to be drivers, maintain a commercial business of logistics and so on so forth.

• Education and finance

Education and financial services look after everything related to a child’s education in the UK and probably even after that. From ensuring basic education to lending student loans for higher studies, arranging for paid apprenticeships and finding the students matched courses in a recognized University – all fall under the duties of the Government Gateway.

• Environment

With the growing climate change and everything, the citizens of any country need to be aware of the environmental laws and the dos and don’ts. This particular section enlists all the environmental laws and the laws related to the natural world that should be followed. It deals with boating safety and fishing rules in the river lands and coasts, wildlife protection laws in the forest regions, waste management and pollution control rules and self-help guides against disasters like a storm, flood, earthquake, and others.

• Housing and local services

Needless to say, these services deal with housing laws and taxes, renting in and out household properties for domestic or commercial purposes, community planning, development and maintenance, drainage and sewerage systems of the locality and most importantly – the safety rules a house construction should follow regarding fire, storms, and other imminent emergency situations.

• Money and tax

Everything A to Z of finances and revenues in the territories of the United Kingdom are looked after by this. From VAT, capital gains tax, HMRC to self-assessment, income tax, and inheritance tax – everything money related falls under this section. For more enquiries and on how to solve tax problems, you can get a free consultation from our expert.

• Visas and immigration

This is mainly for foreigners who want to come over and settle in the UK for some reason or the other. Those who are about to visit to the UK for a vacation, education, job or any other form of engagements will find all the information on the website of the Government Gateway and can also apply for the specific visa online. There is also information about immigration and asylum appeals on the website. For investors looking to set up job opportunities in UK, there are different laws for investors in Tier 1 cities which are applicable.

• Job and employment

The Government Gateway help its citizens find jobs suitable to their specific skill set and specializations through job portals and consultancy services.

This gateway portal allows the users to access these services by a simple registration and Gateway ID, thus making government transactions of public service easier and more convenient.

In the beginning, Microsoft was given the responsibility and partial ownership of the portal and even though it was done keeping in mind Microsoft’s popularity – which would, in turn, help spread the word – it was criticised as the portal was only accessible via Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer. Now it has expanded to other browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

When you register for a particular service on the Government Gateway portal, make sure you have the necessary details that verify your identity – for example, VAT registration number in case of organization and National Insurance Number in case of an individual.

The different benefits offered by Government Gateway portal are:

  • You can fill up online forms and also make real-time submissions for the government services you have enrolled for. For some services, you will need some special software packages to be able to fill and submit them, for example, the payroll software.
  • Initially you are to enroll for one service as you register for the first time, but eventually, you can also access additional services with the same ID. You will receive activation codes for every service you enroll with. This one-time code will be sent to your address – the very one which is held by the specific government department under which the service you have enrolled for falls.
  • You can add agents in case of an individual account to carry out the procedures on your behalf. In case of an organization, more than one people can be added who will have full control of the account.

Now let’s come to the user ID or Government Gateway ID.

What is Government Gateway ID?

Once you register on the portal for a particular service, an activation code is sent to your address, and that code completes the registration process, enabling you to access the service. After this, you will be provided with an 11 character code which you need to put in every time along with a password to log in to the Gateway portal. This is the unique identification and authorization number which helps you access your account with the services you have chosen

In case of an organization’s account which has more than one user accessing the account, each one of the users in an organizational registration will have their own user ID.

Keep your user ID and password safe and never share it with anyone, for obvious security purposes.

Note: If you are using a digital certificate to access the Government Gateway portal, you will not need an ID and password. But some services are there which cannot be accessed with digital certificates.

Where can I find my Government Gateway User ID?

Where can I find my Government Gateway User ID?

After registering and enrolling with the Government Gateway, the User ID will be displayed on your computer screen. For future reference, write it down, keep a screenshot or print the page so that it is easier for you to remember. Like the activation codes, the departments also send letters to the user’s registered address with the department of the first enrolled service, confirming the ID. However, in case of some services like those operated by HMRC, this benefit is not there.

The Gateway ID cannot be changed. The password, however, can be altered after the first log in. The Government Gateway ID is case insensitive so that you can type it in either upper or lower.

In case of loss or if you have forgotten your ID and do not have it written down or printed, you can ask for a resend calling the department’s helpdesk. You will have to provide quite a few personal details since the Government Gateway ID is supposed to be confidential and they cannot allow any access to it without proper confirmation of identity or authenticity of the caller. If they are satisfied, you will receive a new ID to replace the older one and a new password to log in, sent to you by mail within 7 working days. The departmental website will also have details directing you the procedures to follow. You can opt for this if calling is not an option.

How to Create an HMRC Government Gateway Account?

HMRC stands for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and it is the department entitled with the United Kingdom’s collection of taxes and other finance-related affairs. The online HMRC account of yours will enable you to access services like Self-Assessment, Corporation tax, personal tax, PAYE for employers , VAT, pension schemes , import, export and excise, online charities and many more.

To create your HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) gateway services for the first time, you have to click on ‘Register’ in the ‘New User’ section of the website’s login page. Next, you will have to choose the HMRC service you want to use and followed by that, enter your full name, a password of your discretion and some other details depending on which service you have chosen.

Following this procedure, a User ID will be shown on your computer screen. You absolutely must make a note of it, or take a screenshot or print out the page because this ID will not be shown again and neither will you receive any postal confirmation of the same.

After this, you will be receiving Activation codes from the Government Gateway, issued within 7 days of application and this code will be sent directly to your address that has been given to the department of which the service is. The code has an expiration date which will be within 28 days of the date as printed on the letter you receive. After that, this particular activation code will not work, and you have to request a new, valid code.

Government Gateway Jobs

Government Gateway Jobs

Among the many benefit services of the Government Gateway, there are the ones which deal with job-related issues. On the portal of Government Gateway, under the ‘working, jobs and pensions’ section, there is a list of job-related things that you can go through. In the ‘finding a job’ subsection you will find a whole array of services offered to the UK citizens – from A to Z.

It starts with finding you an apprentice. If you are living in the UK and are 16 or above, you can apply for an apprenticeship by logging into your Government Gateway account, finding out an opportunity, applying for it and appearing for the interview. It is great to gain in-depth knowledge and information about a specific skill set or profession.

For an internship, you need to be a fresh graduate and from the European Economic Area.

The Government Gateway along with Universal Jobmatch portal has hundreds of potential jobs and vacancies for interested people to browse through and find their match. To access this facility, one obviously needs to enroll into Government Gateway, activate your registration, upload your updated CV, set up mail alerts for notifications, and you are set to go. Always remember the Government Gateway ID for this purpose too as you will need this to sign in. Before you can start applying, you have to verify and authenticate yourself by clicking on the confirmation mail send to you on the submitted email ID.

Mention your set of skills accurately and precisely as based on these your matches will be decided. The beneficial features of using Government Gateway to look for jobs are:

  • The profile you create with your details will be seen by potential employers and considered for their place of vacancy.
  • You don’t have to keep a CV ready. With the CV Builder, you can just put in the necessary details and create your CV. Remember to put in all the relevant details, as this is your only identification and means of impressing your potential employers.
  • You can always have different CVs for different positions. You can upload up to five CVs n Universal Jobmatch, which will be seen by the hiring people.
  • Create a CV which is searchable that is public so that the employers can compare your skills and competence with of the position for which they are hiring and if satisfied, can invite you to apply as well. You don’t have to worry about security – this process does not reveal your identity or any personal details to those seeing it, just your qualifications and other related details to the specific job.
  • You can create job searches and save them so that the portal can identify what sort of jobs you are looking for and bring to you the same sort of opportunities.
  • Set up a daily or weekly email alert. In this way, you will stay notified of all the updates of new jobs that match your previous job searches.
  • To save time and also to submit quality writing, create cover letters and keep them saved so that you can quickly use them when you have to apply for a job within the portal. You can keep up to 5 templates of cover letters saved.

Other than creating a tremendous amount of opportunities for those seeking a job in UK or even abroad, Government Gateway is also responsible for looking after all the rights and everything else due to the hired employees. From holidays to sick leaves to maternity and paternity leaves, the portal takes care of everything. You will find them all listed in alphabetical order on their website.

Moreover, there are provisions of Jos Seeker’s allowance, in work credit, Job grants, everything mentioned. You need to put in your details to see whether you are eligible or not – if yes, you can apply straightaway from the portal only.

For people with a criminal background, there is a law that makes them eligible for working in the UK even if they have done time, but it is the employer's responsibility to check their criminal backgrounds if they will be working with children or in healthcare.

You can refer to the Government Gateway portal anytime to check the basic laws about employment and your primary rights regarding that.

Government Gateway Phone Number

The helpline number of UK’s Government Gateway is 0870 183 0660. This is an open to all public service number which will assist you if you have any problems or queries regarding anything. But since this line can stay busy, you can try the specific helpdesk numbers of the respective departments and also visit their website for assistance. The online portal is very much updated and organized easy to browse through.

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