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D4 form is to be submitted by the HGV (heavy goods vehicle) drivers to the DVLA after they have undergone a medical exam. This form is to be submitted along with the application form for obtaining a Group 2 bus or lorry license. This form is to be filled and completed by the General Physician who takes the medical exam of the driver. It is to be submitted every time their license comes up for renewal. The medical exam consists of two parts - first is the interview part where the doctor discusses about the various medical conditions the driver has and whether they can impact the driving skills. The driver has to answer all the questions honestly and any false information which comes under the scanner later may lead to serious penalties for the driver. The second part is the examination process- the driver has to undergo a lot of medical tests and exams. This examination takes around 35 to 45 minutes where the General Physician observes the drivers responses, vital signs and accordingly fills out the D4 form.

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D4 form

Tests under HGV Medical Exam

The GP checks for vital signs of the driver. The signs have to be better than an average driver as the HGV driver has to be more careful while driving since they will be driving a bigger vehicle having more people or goods fitted into it.

Vision Assessment

This is carried out by an optician or optometrist; however it can also be checked by a General Physician. Here the visual acuity of each eye is considered where the driver is given to identify numbers or symbols from different distances. This is done for both eyes. The most common exam being taken is the Snellen Test in which different numbers and alphabets of various sizes are arranged in rows and columns. The driver has to stand at a particular distance from the chart and has to recognize the symbols one after another in their decreasing size until they cannot recognize it anymore or the chart is exhausted. This process is repeated for both eyes keeping one eye shut at a time. This test also checks their diplopia, tolerance to glare or impaired contrast sensitivity/twilight vision and binocular field of vision.

Neurological Examination

This part will have examination related to seizure, epilepsy, brain scan, EEG, any dizziness, vertigo, brain surgery, Parkinson's disease or narcolepsy. Basically any neurological disorder is checked which might have an effect on driving. This test will also check if the driver is on any current medication.

Other Health Examination

The driver is also checked for diabetes and whether they are on any current medication for the same. Other health examinations include Cardiac and Psychiatric evaluations. The doctor will carry out the examinations and accordingly fill out the form.

Note that the doctor is not the final authority on issuing license to the driver. The doctor only carries out the evaluation and send it to the DVLA authority who then use their judgment to decide whether the driver is medically fit or not.

Also the commercial drivers should immediately report to the DVLA and get their examination done if they develop any medical condition that might impact their driving. The DVLA takes medical health of commercial drivers very seriously as they are responsible for other people and goods.

Where to send the form?

DVLA Swansea SA99 1BR

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