0333 numbers

A 0333 number is a distinct type of landline telephone number. It is an non-geographical kind of number and is mostly used by various organisations and businesses. These non-geographical numbers are created as a substitute for the location-based telephone numbers and they can offer proper call routing. These numbers are used as a substitute for 08 numbers such as 0870.

0333 Numbers

Since there is a charge on 08 numbers, 03 numbers are developed so that customers don’t pay extra charges for calling government organisations and businesses. Sharing of revenue is not allowed in 03 numbers.

What kind of organisations and companies deploy 0333 numbers?

0333 numbers are used by organizations which want to provide their single contact number all over the country rather than using city/geographic codes. As we discussed earlier, that 0333 numbers are instances of phone numbers like non-geographical. These numbers are not related to any place in the United Kingdom. These numbers were launched in 2007 as a substitute for the traditional landline numbers. The 0333 numbers are allocated geographically via the method of a system of area codes which are location specific.

Telephone numbers such as 0333 are landline phone numbers. As compared to the “02” and “01” landline numbers, you can not recognize the location where the 0333 numbers are located. This will give a national importance to the 0333 numbers and this is one of the main reason that various companies are purchasing 0333 numbers. After their launch, the United Kingdom has seen a tremendous increase in their usage by various kinds of organizations and companies like limited companies and other big companies having national reach.

Companies which are using the 0333 numbers

Since the reach of 0333 numbers is throughout the entire nation, many companies who are using the 0333 numbers have a national scope and these companies are big companies. Companies which are using the 0333 numbers want to provide their customers or clients a single contact point which is not changed for a longer period of time. Some examples of these companies are non-government companies like government departments, big businesses, and large registered charities.

It is very uncommon to discover 0333 numbers used by a person.

Why Companies use 0333 numbers?

Some other non-geographic numbers and numbers like 0333 were initiated to provide services which are not available traditionally on the landline standard phone number like arrangements for special charging. The benefits of 0333 numbers are given below.-

1. Routing of Calls

With the routing of call, a company can easily divert calls to any place it wants. Most of the big companies normally have various call centres so when a consumer or client calls then the call is diverted to the nearest call centre. Most of the call centres are situated abroad in countries like India. If a consumer or customer calls during the night, then the customer’s call will be handled by somebody who will offer proper resolution to the query of customers round the clock.

2. Comfort in communication

A company which covers various locations will find it very difficult to advertise its services, if it offers various phone numbers. The reason for this is that the company need to advertise many phone numbers for various areas. By using the 0333 numbers, the companies can advertise easily in various locations by deploying a single national number.

3. Special arrangement of calls charging

By using the 0333 number, which is totally distinct from the standard numbers of landline permits companies to have various arrangements for charging the calls. For example, the companies can have premium numbers of rate which provide profits for the party which is being called like a charity organisation, radio station or a television. The companies can also offer free phone numbers for which the callers need not pay any charges.

4. Lure many customers

Many companies which are deploying the 0333 numbers can use these numbers as a substitute for the 0800 numbers. The cost of these numbers is 20p per minute for the users deploying their mobile phones. For various people, this charge is a put off. From the mobile phones, the 0333 numbers are charged as normal rates of the landline.

Therefore, consumers deploying the mobile phones like to call businesses having the 0333 numbers because they cost cheaper.

5. Neutral Location

Companies which are using the standard geographic numbers are normally lined firmly with certain regions. By using the non-geographic number like 0333, a company ignores looking to be limited by reaching a specific region. This will assist them in ignoring the loss of business opportunities from customers, who likes to deal with those companies which are local.

Apart from that, the non-geographic numbers assist the companies in ignoring the requirement to modify their telephone numbers, when they want to expand or relocate into a distinct region.

6. Adaptability

Standard landline numbers which are geographically routed are most of the times unreachable. When a fault or damage occurs in the telephone network in the area, which they are linked with, then all the communication between the customer and the company is disrupted till then the repairs are performed. This is not happened with the non-geographic numbers because they permit for the incoming calls to be diverted to a different location if required for such diversion.

Rate of calling the 0333 numbers

Rate of calling the 0333 numbers

As compared to free phone numbers such as 0800 or 0808, the 0333 numbers are totally different. You need to pay charges for calling the 0333 numbers. This is similar to calling a standard landline number. All the phone numbers which are beginning with 0333 are charged according to the standard geo-graphical rates. This means that the cost of calling the 0333 numbers is similar to the cost of calling the local landlines or regular national numbers.

Many regulations are initiated which makes it sure that if a charge provide inclusive minutes or free calls to numbers beginning with 02 or 01, then the calls to numbers starting with 0333 is also imposed on the similar terms. For example, if your phone charge provides free calls or bundled minutes, and users inclusive calls to the landlines during the specific day time, then this deal with also comprises calls made to the numbers like 0333. Presently, only non-geographic numbers starting with 03 like the 0333 numbers have linked their charges to the geographical numbers.

All the numbers like 03 works in the similar way and are charged at the similar rate. This comprises of 03333, 03332, 03331 and 03330 numbers which begins with the digits 0333, regardless of what the following digits are or how this number is shown.

The UK is seeing the massive use of phone numbers like 0333. Since the 0333 numbers are not the mobile numbers, these numbers are the landline numbers. Therefore, it is difficult to recognize the area where the landline is related to this number.

Call charges for calling the 0333 numbers from your mobile phone

When you purchase an 0333 number, the main benefit is cost. It will cost similar to you as calling a traditional landline phone number from any business or home landline. Many charges, for example the mobile phone charges permits calling the 0333 numbers by offering the monthly telephone minutes quota which they are offering in their call package for the customers. If you have not finished your minutes quota for the month, then you don’t require to pay the extra charges for calling the number such as 0333. Similarly the cost for calling 0345 number is also very less.

Many times, the landline packages for the home comprises of free weekend and evening calls or same incentives. During the free call period, if you call the 0333 numbers, you will not charge extra amount of money for the calls made to the 0333 numbers. This is very convenient for a customer. But you will be charged for calling the 0333 numbers if the call is made outside of the given inclusive weekend and evening period.

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