If you’ve already settled on a decision to apply for a business loan with Barclays, here’s how you can apply:

Requirements for applying Barclays Business Loan in UK

  • Your trading accounts, business plan and details on profits and losses
  • Information on your purpose behind applying for a business loan and will security be needed for the same?

In case you already have a current bank account with Barclays you can click on the below link and login to apply for business loan:


In case you do not bank with Barclays, you can get in touch with representatives at 0800 515 462 4 . Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm.

Barclays typically provide you with a decision within 48 hours. However, in some cases, Bank might require more information from you before they confirm.

Business overdrafts with your business demands

Business overdrafts are flexible options for short term finance for businesses with Barclays. These are type of loans provided by Barclays with minimal risk, which are in some ways similar to an overdraft you may utilise in a personal account.

Business overdraftshave been popular and much preferred loan types in UK from long time. Business overdraft options can be helpful as they let you to re-borrow depending on your requirements without requiring you to reapply. Interest on business overdrafts is calculated on daily overdrawn balances, at an agreed margin over the Bank of England Base Rate. Typically, overdrafts are arranged annually;however these can be renewed whenever you need.

Business overdrafts Eligibility

Business bands £1,000 – £5,000 £5,001 – £10,000 £10,001 – £15,000 £15,001 – £20,000 £20,001 – £25,000
Representative customer margin(excludes Base Rate) 12.03% 10.86% 10.68% 8.85% 8.85%
Representative EAR* (variable) 13.00% 11.69% 11.49% 9.49% 9.49%
Overdraft fees From £75 up to £250 From £175 up to £300 From £195 up to £300 From 1.6% up to 2.5% of the limits From 1.6% up to 2.5% of the limits

Expert Comment:

Business overdraft loan sanction processes are usually fast as well as they are easy to arrange and convenient. Business overdrafts better suit to businesses that need choices when encountering unforeseen expenditure.

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