At present, the 0345 number prefix is amongst the most broadly used numbers of 03 Type. 0345 numbers are the range of non-geographic numbers assigned by Office of Communications (Ofcom), the government-approved regulatory and authority for the telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal industries of the UK, as alternative to 087 and 084 prefixes. There are many companies which use 0345 numbers as UK Wide contact as an alternative of looking for costly and traditional 08 numbers. When a person tries to call a number starting from 0345 from landline or mobile, there is a law regarding its charges.

As mentioned, 0345 numbers are non-geographic numbers and are used by many large organisations to route calls to their call centres. 03 numbers are inclusive in the calls allowance or are otherwise charged at geographic rate (essentially the price that will be paid to call a 01 or 02 number). This is because Ofcom regulations necessitate phone number providers to treat 03 numbers in the same manner as 01 and 02 numbers regardless of the callsbeing on a landline or mobile phone. As a result, many companies are now swapping their 0845 number with 0345 numbers and this includes most government departments, retailers, and financial organisations.

0345 numbers call charges

0345 Call Cost from Landline

There are different laws regarding the use of free 0345 number UK and their charges. Essentially, 01 and 02 numbers are classified in the same manner as 0345 numbers. Hence, when an individual calls 0345 numbers from their mobile (having a contract with free minutes) then all calls will not cost anything as minutes will be used instead but, if an individual does not have any of free minutes left they will be charged for any call made.

When it comes to making a call from a landline phone in the UK, telecom companies cannot charge more than the charges of standard numbers, i.e. starting from 01 or 02. Excluding 08 numbers, when it comes to dialing 0345 numbers, the call should be added in discount schemes in the same way as making a call to 02 and 01 numbers. If the landline package does not include free minutes, be sure to check the call charges with the telecom operator. Mostly, the call charges are 10p/minute and may vary according to the time and day of making the call.

0345 Call Cost from Mobile

Like with landlines, an individual won't be charged more than the cost of other call to the landline when calling 0345 from mobile. Be sure to check call charges with the telecom operator before making a call.Charges may vary depending on the time when a call is made (evenings, daytime, and weekends vary in cost). Essentially, normal calls cost from mobile is around 10p to 40p per min.

Call rate in the UK (approximate rates)

In the UK, the cost of calling a phone number depends on the digits the number starts with, on the phone provider, and whether an individual uses a landline or mobile. Depending on the connection provider (such as BT, O2, and Vodafone etc.), an individual may get free calls to some numbers as part of their call package. Below mentioned are an approximate cost for calls and it may vary depending on the service provider.

Hence,the cost of calling a 0345 number totally depends on three main factors:

  • The network provider
  • What phone package an individual is using
  • What day and time the call is being made

Phone Number starting with Description Approximate cost from landlines per minute Approximate cost from mobiles per minute
Geographic numbers for specific parts of the UK Upto 13p Between 3p & 55p
UK-wide numbers Upto 9p Between 3p & 55p
030 Charity, Not-for-profit organisations, and public bodies Upto 10p Between 3p & 55p
0500 Free-phone service Free Between 7p & 40p
07 Mobile numbers Between 10p & 20p Between 3p & 55p
070 ‘Follow- me’ or personalnumbers regulated by the phone-paid services authority Between 4p to £3.40 (plus an additional 51p per call) Between 30p to £2.50 (plus an additional 51p per call)
Free-phone service Free Free
Business rate phone numbers Upto 7p and the phone company’s access charge Upto 7p and the phone company’s access charge
Business rate phone numbers regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority Upto 13p and the phone company’s access charge Upto 13p and the phone company’s access charge
09 Premium rate phone numbers regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority Upto £3.60 and the phone company’s access charge, and an additional 5p to £6 per call Upto £3.60 and the phone company’s access charge, and an additional 5p to £6 per call
101 Non-emergency Police number 15p per call 15p per call
105 Power cut helpline – UK-wide Free Free
111 Non-emergency medical advice Free Free
112 Emergency services Free Free
116 Free-phone numbers Free Free
118 Directory enquiry numbers regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority Upto to £5 and the phone company’s access charge, and an additional charge upto £6.98 per call Upto to £5 and the phone company’s access charge, and an additional charge upto £6.98 per call
999 Emergency services Free Free


A 0345 number is a particular type of landline-rate phone number used by government bodies, businesses, and the public sector organisations.Unlike traditional landline-phone number, 0345 numbers are not linked with precise geographic locations and the cost to call a 0345 number within the UK is the same as calling a business landline or normal home. 0345 numbers are not the same as free-phone 0800 and 0808 numbers, but 0345 numbers can be called at no extra charge on many phone tariffs. All 03 numbers work in the same manner and the callsare charged at the same rate. This can include 03450 numbers, 03456 numbers,03457 numbers,03454 numbers, 03459 numbers and all other numbers that start with the digits 0345, despite of how the number is displayed or what the following digits are.

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