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Target Accounting Merger into DNS Accountants Ltd - Change of Bank Account

Following our announcement of Arrow Accountants Ltd t/a Target Accounting merger into DNS Accountants Ltd, there is a change you need to be aware off; our bank details will change. The new bank account will be as follows:

Account Name: DNS Accountants Ltd
Sort Code: 60-80-08
Account Number: 61557676

In order to reduce the risk of fraud, for any first time payments to the new bank account, please ensure you call your account manager or our credit control team to ensure you verbally confirmed the new bank account, do not just rely on this announcement.

For those on Direct Debit, you do not have to do anything, we will work with our direct debit provider to make the necessary changes in the background. Click here to read more about your new Direct Debit. Please Note, Direct Debits will now be taken on the 10th of Each Month (or nearest working day).

Please rest assured everything else remains the same and you will notice no difference to the services, support and communications you receive from DNS Accountants.

Best Wishes,
Gary Zouvani
Operations Director

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