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You have come to right place to sell for your company! We at DNS, start with proper business valuation. Most of the buyers always have a price in their mind. So for business owners it's very important to conduct a thoughtful valuation to know how much their company is worth.

A right value of your company can help you to sell it for the best price. Contact DNS Accountants for an accurate valuation of your business and sell it within 2 hours.

Why Choose DNS Accountants?

  • We have years of experience in selling all types of companies around the UK
  • We offer a cost-effective approach that’s specially designed for small business owners
  • We maintain simple and quick way of selling any company
  • We take care of VAT Registration, Tax Returns and HMRC related formalities
  • A Dedicated Account Manager for your support

What DNS Accountants can promise you?

We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the findings!

  • Treat your enquiry confidential
  • Company will be professionally valued
  • Free assessment and there is no obligation
  • End to end management of VAT, Tax Returns and HMRC compliances
  • Answer all your questions carefully and honestly

Sell Your Company: Sell confidentially and quickly with DNS Accountants

We buy business of any size, anywhere, solvent or insolvent, making a profit or not making a profit.

Stop speaking with business agents and talk directly to buyers. Avoid paying inconsiderable up-front agent fees. We at DNS have thousands of buyers in our network.

When you sell your business, you have legal responsibilities to staff you employ. You must also finalise your business’ tax affairs. DNS provides a hassle-free way of selling a company in the UK.

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