DNS offer payroll registration FREE as part of our company formation package. Payroll is complicated enough without the further hassle of communicating with HMRC, which is why DNS act on your behalf to ensure your accounts are up to date and reconciled. Avoid penalties by letting DNS sort out pending payroll and bringing it all back into order. DNS will look after all the registration documentation with HMRC or take over your existing payroll service.

    When you employ people you are legally responsible to deduct tax and NI before you pay them. Failure to do so may result in you or your business being fined or even prosecuted. It is in the best interests of the employer to deduct taxes appropriately. You must also provide employees with payslips and a P60 at the end of the year.

Good payroll management makes good tax-planning sense

Payroll management is a key area of the business management

Mismanagement of payroll creates a negative atmosphere in the workplace

Mismanagement of payroll can create tension between employer and employee

Mismanagement of payroll can impact on the reputation of your business

DNS have a highly qualified, dedicated payroll team to deal with any of your requirements whether you pay your employers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

DNS offer the following payroll services:

Full set-up

Collecting of information

Payroll processing and confirmation

Monthly/fortnightly/weekly payslips and relevant reports

Real-time staff cost calculation

Efficient remuneration on tax structure

Rebates and cash incentives for online filing of year-end payroll returns

P46, P45 and year-end payroll returns; P35 administrated by DNS

And DNS offer the following additional benefits as part of its payroll services:

FREE trial for the first month

NO hidden charges, you only pay for payslips

No payroll set-up costs

NO Charges for new starters or leavers

Electronic and paper payslips on time every time


DNS will set-up payroll for you! Once we have all the paperwork we require we will register your payroll with HMRC, then, if you have any additional employees apart from directors, we will ask you to provide their details. DNS have a standard form to do this, which makes this process very straightforward and also avoids any errors. Once we have all the Payroll information we require, we then undertake initial wages planning for employees and directors. Rest assured that once your paperwork is submitted to DNS’s Payroll Team, you can sit back and relax as DNS contact you immediately should further information be required, or if there are any problems.

After basic set-up is complete, DNS run out your payroll. You may have fixed-or variable-pay employees that get paid monthly, weekly or fortnightly, but once set-up, these factors are monitored but no longer our focus. Once DNS have the necessary information ready to process payroll we will then inform you of the amounts to pay employees and HMRC. It is crucial that you double-check the wages we process for you to ensure that everyone on the payroll is getting paid the correct amount. From then on, payroll will be driven by DNS, and all you must be certain to do is (a) provide us the right information, and (b), always check your payroll statements. DNS will inform all the statutory bodies of our details and about any changes; we will also make ready your end-of-year submission and do mid-period calculations for new starters and leavers; these are all routine components of our Payroll service.

To inform us about new joiners or leavers we ask you to fill out our standard form with their details which the Payroll team will process on your behalf. DNS maintain meticulous records and can always access the information you have provided. Our careful record-keeping not only makes the process hassle free for you, but minimises errors. To ensure that your payroll is error free, we ask that you provide your instructions on the forms provided. Occasionally we will accept details by email but errors can result from this method, so we ask that you always provide us the information we request on our standard joiners’ and leavers’ forms.

DNS run out payroll statements on a monthly basis, or quarterly, if that is what you have specified. We will inform you about when and how much you owe HMRC and ensure that your payroll is always in order and that you never receive threatening notices. Very occasionally incorrect data for PAYE is detected, and this is why we ask you to submit data via our standard forms and check carefully the document we send you before we run payroll. If you detect an error, then contact the Payroll Team immediately so that they can rectify the error.

DNS can send you payslips by post or by email. However, to send payslips by post, there is charge of £5 per payslip.

We recommend payments by BACS or Bank transfer. If you are paying more than 10 employees BACS is automated and much easier.

At DNS we believe it’s best to be informed, particularly if you run a business, and this is why we send our clients regular email bulletins and newsletters to keep everyone up to date with the latest changes in legislation and laws that might affect them. Go to our Knowledgebase/Tax Tips and Articles and make sure you are subscribed to receive future DNS email Newsletters. There’s also a lot of useful information on the HMRC website. However you can rely on the expertise of our Payroll team and rest assured that they will alert you to any problems.

Your payroll is prepared by experienced professionals that cross-check to ensure that it is accurate before it is finalised. Go to our Payroll Testimonials to read more about what people say about our Payroll Service! DNS recommend that you always check your payroll statement to see that nothing appears out of the ordinary, after all, it’s a manual process and errors can occur.

DNS will generate and process P45s for new employees and leavers, and send the necessary paperwork to HMRC and to the individuals concerned if applicable.

DNS offer advice on tax and national Insurance and any other matter relating to your Payroll free of charge. We charge small a very reasonable additional fee to run out management reports (sent via email or post).

A P60 provides a statement of earnings and statutory deductions for a given tax year. This is issued to employees by the 31 May each year. This form should be put away safely as it is not always possible to obtain another copy. A P60 can be used as proof of earnings when applying for tax credits and other benefits, or when completing a Self Assessment Tax Return.

No, the P60 can be printed out on paper of any colour but should always be filled out in black ink.

DNS will generate the P60s and distribute them to the individuals concerned.

For tax purposes the year runs from 6 April to 5 April regardless of whether the year-end of your company is the same.

If these earnings are in a single year (6 April of one year to 5 April the following year) then, yes, your PAYE earnings should show on a single P60. If the earnings relate to different tax years, then, no, only the earnings in that particular tax year need show on that year’s P60. In order for a new employer to have details of your previous employment, you must give your new employer your P45. If you did not do this, then that may be why your P60 does not show all your PAYE earnings from a particular tax year.

If you think your P60 is showing the wrong figures you can check to see if it’s reasonable by comparing it to the wage slip given to you just before 5 April at the end of the tax year. If it is incorrect, notify payroll. They must then provide a correct version showing the correct data and information.

When there’s no income, the income boxes on the P60 will remain blank. The reason you have a blank P60 is that although you may have set up a payroll scheme, you may have decided not to take any salary from the company. However, if you have a P45 for that year, the P60 should reflect the income details shown on the P45.

There is no need to worry. A P60 is only generated when you’re working for us or any other employer at the end of the tax year, i.e. 5 April. You can ask us or any other employer to provide a Statement of Earnings on headed paper for the period.


    To see all our Testimonials click here, but this is what some of the clients that use our Payroll Service have said about us.

    With more than twelve years experience, Supreme Staff is a leading UK provider of temporary and permanent staff for the office, accounting, industrial, hospitality and catering, cleaning and security sectors.

    Supreme Staff joined DNS at the beginning of 2007. The Director, Rafiq Mohammed, is someone well known to everyone at DNS as Rafiq is a regular visitor to our office, feeling comfortable to arrive personally on business. DNS run out Supreme Staff’s weekly payroll at our premises, which totals on average 100 staff, for which we have a designated payroll team member.