The following helps differentiate DNS Franchise from others in the franchise field:
  • Free Accounting and CRM software "for life", which no other accountancy franchise offers

  • We are multi-award-winning, practicing accountants – a highly successful and well-respected firm with around 4,000 clients in the group – whereas others do not have our reputation and are not accountants, just franchisors

  • You design your proposition – we have number of different packages and you can choose the one that suits you

  • Pricing software and the pricing science make your journey to growth much easier

  • Free unlimited leads under the Full Service Package

  • Large, exclusive marketing territory

  • We provide a number of different value-added services, leading to stronger positioning in the marketplace

Across all our different Packages and propositions, we provide the following:
  • DNS-established systems and processes
  • DNS Brand
  • Marketing
  • Leads
  • Knowledge-base and expertise
  • Free software
  • Back-office support
DNS Accountants Franchise currently provides three different Service Packages, as follows:
  • Royalty – The most basic of our Service Packages, although you are responsible for delivering all the technical work yourself, you benefit from all the basic elements of a DNS Franchise Package.
  • Royalty+ –The Package gives you all the basic elements of a DNS Franchise Package plus unlimited free leads.
  • Full Service – The most comprehensive DNS Franchise Package, you act as a Senior Partner of a large firm and devote the majority of your time to developing the Practice.
If your wish is to work on growing the business and to focus your efforts on business development then the Full Service is the best Package for you. If, however, your wish is to run a small business, you love doing the technical compliance work, then the Royalty Package is perfect! Royalty+ suits Franchisees who want to have certainty of leads without investing lot of money in marketing
Our very flexible Franchise costs are paid over the three years giving our Franchisees an opportunity to build the business before making the payment. This is unlike other Accountant Franchises which ask for a heavy deposit on joining. The DNS Accountants Franchise Payment Plan is as follows:
  • Joining fee    £10k
  • 6 Months     £5k
  • 18 Months     £5k
  • 30 Months     £5k
The fee includes the following benefits:
  • Exclusive marketing territory
  • Our own fully integrated Accounting and CRM software
  • Six days’ training
  • Laptop
  • DNS Branded laptop bag
  • Stationery (Business cards & letterheads)
  • 50 DNS Branded gifts – various items
  • Free leads
The initial License Agreement is for five years. Full details of how renewals work is in the Agreement.
After five years the only costs are the legal fees for renewing the contract.
The DNS Accountants Franchise model is designed to support single-owner Franchises. If you wish to run a partnership this will be considered on an individual basis. We are unable to find a partner for you if you cannot commit on your own.
You will need to merge them or bring them under your DNS Accountants Franchise umbrella. We cannot allow two brands to work simultaneously.
Yes, we will introduce you and you can speak to an existing franchisee.
The following is the end-to-end process of joining our Franchise network:
  • Send an Inquiry through the DNS Accountants Franchise website, email, or call
  • Attend a Discovery Day
  • If Interested, book a customised one-to-one meeting to discuss further
  • Select your territory
  • Pay the Holding Deposit
  • Go through the Franchise Agreement
  • Appoint a lawyer
  • Sign Agreement
  • Pay the License fee of £10k (less Holding Deposit)
  • Agree launch date
  • Agree training dates
  • Start Marketing of the territory once training completed

We agree training in Sales, CRM, and Accounting Software

You start receiving leads from DNS

You start Marketing to generate your own leads

You start sales and sign-ups

We provide ongoing support

Depending on which Package you choose, support continues

No it’s not mandatory to be or employ a qualified accountant.
The DNS Accountants Franchise model is designed in such a way that you do not need a fixed office. Most of the time you go to see clients. We expect you to have access to a serviced office or similar; somewhere clients can attend meetings if necessary, or where clients can drop off their books, and which you can also use as a location address on the website and in marketing material. We only allow use of a home office if the office is separate from the residential area. It must be set-up so that it does not require clients to go through the residential area of your home in order to get to your office.
You chose the office (as required) and DNS will guide you to ensure it fits in with the DNS Brand.
Yes. However, we do not feel that this is necessary.
Yes, technical, and other support depending on your Service Package is provided.
We aim to provide around five to seven leads per month from Month Four onwards after the Agreement has been signed. The numbers can be adjusted after discussion with you.
No, not necessarily, as you can outsource work to us as you get busier.
Yes, full Marketing guidance and training with ongoing support is provided.
We will guide you on your pricing structure. DNS Accountants Franchise has designed its own Pricing Software. This Software takes into account elements of individual clients, such as the complexity of the client’s account, the number of transactions, the client’s turnover, the number of employees the client has. This pricing system is unique to DNS and is usually reasonably accurate at setting a price. Pricing is flexible and you can add a premium or discounts. If you sign up for the Full Service Package, you are not allowed to give more than a 10 per cent discount as all of your compliance work is outsourced to DNS.
This depends on the Package you have chosen. For example, if you choose the Full Service Package, your status is that of a Senior Partner of large and multi-award-winning firm; you position yourself as such, playing a major role in the business development, while all compliance work is outsourced to DNS. On the other hand, if you choose the Royalty Package instead, DNS provides the Brand, Software, and Training, but you are responsible for all the actual compliance work.
This really depends on how hard you work! It is your business, and only you can drive its success. Illustrations are provided at the Discovery Day and in one-to-one meetings.
Again, this depends very much on your own ambition, but in first year we expect you to have gross recurring fees of between £30k and £50k. If you have strong network and run an excellent Marketing strategy you can achieve higher than this sum.
Yes, if you are not a qualified accountant, you will have to work under the DNS umbrella and you must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.
Yes, Franchisees dip in and out and use DNS outsourcing for any job they wish to.
Our rights to your business are those of any normal Franchisor/Franchisee relationship. We recommend you appoint a BFA-approved solicitor to guide and advise you.
If you wish to leave of your own will due to personal circumstances, there will be no refund of License fees, but you can sell the Franchise so long as DNS Accountants Franchise has approved the franchisor. The Agreement details how this process works.
Yes, providing DNS Accountants Franchise has approved the franchisor.
We will charge the new Franchisee the applicable Joining Fees at the point in time the Franchisee joins and help the Franchise set up.
BFA is the British Franchise Association. DNS is not currently a member, but we have appointed BFA-approved solicitors and follow their guidelines. We are looking to become a BFA Member in the future.