DNS offer payroll registration FREE as part of our company formation package. Payroll is complicated enough without the further hassle of communicating with HMRC, which is why DNS act on your behalf to ensure your accounts are up to date and reconciled. Avoid penalties by letting DNS sort out pending payroll and bringing it all back into order. DNS will look after all the registration documentation with HMRC or take over your existing payroll service.

    When you employ people you are legally responsible to deduct tax and NI before you pay them. Failure to do so may result in you or your business being fined or even prosecuted. It is in the best interests of the employer to deduct taxes appropriately. You must also provide employees with payslips and a P60 at the end of the year.



    To see all our Testimonials click here, but this is what some of the clients that use our Payroll Service have said about us.

    With more than twelve years experience, Supreme Staff is a leading UK provider of temporary and permanent staff for the office, accounting, industrial, hospitality and catering, cleaning and security sectors.

    Supreme Staff joined DNS at the beginning of 2007. The Director, Rafiq Mohammed, is someone well known to everyone at DNS as Rafiq is a regular visitor to our office, feeling comfortable to arrive personally on business. DNS run out Supreme Staff’s weekly payroll at our premises, which totals on average 100 staff, for which we have a designated payroll team member.